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Adds Kari, a new vampire follower to your game.

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Race: Breton
Date of Birth: 8th of Sun’s Dusk; 3E 893
Body Type:
Location: Bloodlet Throne
Class: Spellsword
Weapons: Ancient Akaviri Katana 
Skills: Vampire Destruction Magic, Sneak, One Handed, Light Armor

Version 1.0: So I'll be frank and honest here from the start, I can't take the credit for this character entirely as I merely created her using all these lovely mods Nexus as provided in my game. As a trade for artwork, a fellow modder amongst you folks (who unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous) took upon herself to create a follower based purely off my current character I'm using this playthrough and can't possibly thank them enough for not only taking the time to do so. But, she is allowing me to take upon my first upload here on Nexus and sharing Kari with all of you guys! Nevertheless, I will keep her informed with the mod and any feedback and we hope that you enjoy her as much as I do! 

Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes (BVFE) - Aipex8
Immersive Warpaints And Tattoos - reptileye
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) - Caliente
Pride of Vallhalla - dracofish
KS Hairdos - kalilies
KS Jewelry - Stealthic Khaos
Crimson Twilight Armor - jemenaru
Tembtra Thief Armor - nsk13

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