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A preset for my most favored character, Kailee Cost - Imperial Legate, proud nord, and uncanny dragonborn.

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This is my preset for my character Kailee Cost, one of my favorite storylines that I've played out and put the most work into. Below is a bit of information for those who are into the RP behind characters and a bit of their stories. The story was played out with Alternate Start, and then Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon, which requires this Death Alternative mod and this one as well.
There is an alternate beginning for her, though, for those who fancy the vanilla beginning. 

Kailee Cost
High Rock Native-born
Imperial Legionnaire 

Kailee was born to nord fugatives on the run from a malicious group whom they owed a great sum of money to. They were poor before, but poorer after. Her father wanted to use the money to try and open up a storefront in Solitude, but when it was found that they couldn't make the upkeep required to keep their doors open, they group they were indebted to came after them. So they ran, not shortly after Kailee's mother had become pregnant. They managed to settle in High Rock, and immediately fell into the poorest of social classes. They struggled to survive and raise their little girl, but they managed for as long as they possibly could. 
Around Kailee's tenth birthday, her parents grew terminally ill, and they died. She was left on her own, but she was old enough that her parents had taught her how to hunt, skin leathers and furs for herself for clothes, and how to build campfires. She didn't know how she was going to manage, but she was certain that the men who were looking for her father wouldn't recognize her - she hadn't even been born yet. So she set out, got together the little bit of gold she could find, and bought for herself a bow with a quiver of arrows, and then set out. For years she lived on her own, traveling and exploring the sights. She learned a great deal of magic, and she learned swordplay. She researched the dwemer and became obsessed with their culture, and grew to support the Imperial Legion, though she was true to her nord blood and worshipped Talos in secret.
When she turned nineteen, however, she developed this strong desire to return to her family's homeland - Skyrim. So she set out on an adventure that would change the course of her destiny forever. When she arrived, she was immediately captured by bandits who sought to sell her off as a slave. The newly formed gang kept their hideout within the dangers of the dwemer ruins of Skyrim, which was where they took her. She was transported to an unknown entrance that appeared as if it had been excavated, and they traveled deep underground. After too long, however, they were all attacked by Falmer who made their residence in the fallen underground towers of the dwarves! The bandits were all killed, but Kailee was knocked out by them and taken.
When she came to, she realized that she had been made into a Falmer slave, and was forced to labor at an ancient ruin deep within the caverns of Blackreach. She worked every day for what seemed like years. There appeared to be no hope until one day, she noticed that a Falmer had dropped a key to the cuffs that inhibited her ability to use magic. When no one was looking, she took the key and unlocked the cuffs, and then ran for her life. She ran through Blackreach, but her captors noticed she was missing and chased after her when they saw her running off. She barely made it to one of the shafts that would lead her to the surface, and escaped to the snowy northern mountains of Skyrim. Her captures gave chase still, but not for too long before they retreated back to their underground dwelling.
Scared, she made her way west, seeking any of the major holds where she could take residence, scared that at any moment, a Falmer scout would find her and drag her back to the depths. After a long journey in the unfamiliar roads of her homeland, she managed to find signs pointing to Helgen, remembering that her father was born in Helgen. She determined that at least there, she would find some solace or safety, and that she could get back up on her feet again. When she arrived, however, she found that the city was destroyed by a dragon, and knew there was only one thing she could do; defend her people. She sought out the only group she believed could help her; the Imperial Legion, which would begin her journey into discovering her true nature, purpose, and destiny; that she was the Dragonborn!

[Alternate Start - Vanilla] ...Scared, she decided that Skyrim wasn't the best place for her, and wanted to return to her homeland of High Rock. She was unaware of the civil war going on in the nord homeland, and therefore was caught off-guard when she was caught in an Imperial ambush while trying to cross the borders to leave. She knew Imperial custom; anyone who was there with any of the groups trying to fight back or escape in any sort of combat engagement were guilty by association - and she was there with the group. What she didn't know was that she was being taken to Helgen for execution with Ulfric Stormcloak - leader of the rebellion activists, the Stormcloaks. But they took her none-the-less. She couldn't find it in her heart to blame the legion, though. She knew they were just doing their part to end the war as quickly as possible. She figured she could just explain what had happened, and hope for sympathy.
When they arrived, though, after meeting another fellow nord who had feelings for a girl from Skyrim, she found the sympathy she expected - just not the grace she desired. She realized the gravity of their war when they weren't taking chances on whether she was legitimate or not, and tried to think of any way possible to escape. Then the unthinkable happened; a dragon arrived! In Helgen! The entire town was soon leveled as the legionnaire that sympathized with her helped her escape. With knowledge of this apocalyptic sign, she warned the people of the nearest hold and sought out the only people who could train her well enough to fend off a dragon; the Imperial Legion. Thus began her journey to discovering her true destiny; that she was indeed the Dragonborn!

Note: The picture itself doesn't display her to her fullest, but she is a freckle-face, and she has freckles on her body. The armor used is the huntress armor from the storefront by Apachii, and the weapon you see is a Daedric Broadsword (because awesome). Also, I noticed she still has a tattoo; she originally does not have a tattoo, so don't panic if that suddenly doesn't show up. If you truly want/need it, the mod for those tattoos can be found here.

That is a bit of Kailee's story, and of course, the rest is up to you! There are a few mods required for this preset

Eyes of Aber
KS Hairdos
RANs Headmesh (Type C)
Freckle Mania

While it's not required, I used Caliente's body mod. If you choose to use it as well, just make sure it's before everything else in the load order.


Expired for Racemenu
Hvergelmir for Brows (Ithot for the upload)
Aberin for Eyes of Aber
Kalilies and Stealthic for KS Hairdos Renewal
RAN46 for RANs Headmesh
Anini n Regenbot03 for PureSkinTexture
Tetrodoxin for Freckle Mania


Caliente for CBBE
Apachii for DivineEleganceStore
rms827 and Vioxsis for Scottish Broadswords
Desufire for the Coenaculi
Arthmoor for Alternate Start
Bralormarr for Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon, Death Alternative - Captured, and Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life