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A small settlement and safe haven in the Goldenforst.

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Melrode Monastery

To share along my love of Enderal, I've decided to make another player home in the Goldenforst, in the far north-east of the country.
Melrode Monastery is a small and cozy settlement, with a suite which can serve as a player home for the Prophet.
Around the monastery are several NPCs to provide a lively atmosphere, and the structure itself may serve for quests to be made later on!
Simple, fun, and immersive.
The previous tenant of the monastery, Keeper Myrrdin Dal'Wylt, has left the key and will to his holdings somewhere in the monastery!

The player home contains:
- Several weapon racks, with 2 display cases in the suite
- Several lovely NPCs, including a priest to cure diseases
- A merchant with valuable wares and plenty of gold
- An immersive atmosphere and comfortable home to rest
- A unique location, which has for itself a new Teleportation Scroll
- No-respawn zone in the monastery, ensuring a safe storage location
- A history book and key to Keeper Dal'Wylt's suite
Unfortunately, the monastery has very few crafting stations (at the moment), necessitating travel to Ark in order to craft your items.
At this point, the mod is pretty basic. If there are suggestions you have for this mod to grow, please voice them!