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Gang Of Girls is just a collection of some NPC's I've been making for other mods.
After numerous requests, here they are for you enjoyment.

Permissions and credits

Gang Of Girls is just a collection of some NPC's I've been making for other mods. After numerous requests, here they are for you enjoyment. All can be followers and are set be marriagable. I'd eventually, like to add all the NPCs I've made, both male and female. They are waiting at the Temple Of Kynareth in Whiterun.

They have custom heads and bodies. Bodies are UNPetite and textures are  SG Female Textures Renewal.
I've also included some pics using Leyanda skin textures.

Hannah was originally released as Kriemen's Vilja, or here for the SSE version. Here she is standalone and independant of Vilja. You can use both at once.(Just to confuse the feeble minded) She likes a bow and 1H weapons.

Corinne and Shae are sisters and are going to be part of an upcoming mod that I'm working on.They aren't quite how I want them yet, but are very close. Yes, the eyes do have a hint of anime. Shea likes 2H weapons and Corinne 1h weapons.

If you wish to change the body meshes, just replace the files in \Meshes\GOGSharedBodyFem
If you wish to change the body textures, replace those in \Textures\GOGSharedBody

I have also released the Racemenu presets. They may differ slightly to what you see here.
Feel free to use them in your own projects. I'd love to see what a talented NPC author can do with them.

There are no requirements.

1: Create a new save. (keep your old one safe)
2: Install with you favourite mod manager or simply place the archive contents into your \skyrim\data folder.
3: Enable the esp
4: Enjoy

If it is not to your liking, simply remove the mod and load your old save.

Or (better still)

Open it in Creation Kit and hack it about until your heart's content. Have fun with it and learn CK at the same time. [grin]

Please feel free to upload your own images, tips and suggestions for future ideas.
Please don't post this mod on other sites, (Nexus only release)
Please feel free to link to it.
Credits.txt has credits for the resources used/referenced in this mod.

Please respect permissions for the assets I've used, that were created by others.
(Check each one's mod page)

  Free to use/modify with credits given on mod page/readme etc
  Do not use for paid mods
  Do not convert to other games/platforms  
  Do not post on steam

If you wish to translate, edit, redecorate, etc and release your vision of this mod, permission is granted.

All I ask is that you :
  Credit me as the original author.
  Add a link back to this mod.
  Let me know, so I can add a link to your mod. 
  Think kindly of me on occasion... 

Some of these resources I've used. Some, I have gotten ideas and inspiration from.
A big thank you to all for the resources kindly shared, that we may all use, modify and learn from.(If I've forgotten anybody or misinterpreted permissions, please PM me so I can rectify it.)

Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless by Alt3rn1ty

Better Females by Bella by BellaGail

Better Hand Mesh for UNP UNPB UNPC by MrTroubleMake00r

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

FemFeet by Phygit

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox by Geonox

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky

Radioragae's Younger male face project by Radioragae

SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa

SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa

Smile in HD by zzjay

The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam

UNPetite by Nightasy

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama

Everybody who has given me suggestions, tips, encouragement and pointed out my errors. Without you, my mods would not be what they are now. I thank you.