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Adds fully automatic guns, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and TNT to Skyrim. Because why the hell not!

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Well, after long weighing out the good and bad, and talking to my good Broheim Ray, I decided to release this mod. I figured with all the creatures running around Skyrim these days, dinosaurs, aliens, naked chicks, and shlongs, we're gonna need some real artillery. This took me a crap-ton of work, especially making it non-Dawnguard reliant. I built this mod because others said it couldn't be done, and I love a challenge. If guns in Skyrim ain't yer thang, move on.
Otherwise....... GIT SOME!


Adds an AR-15, AK-47, M-4 Carbine, Lever-Action Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher, and TNT to Skyrim.
All guns except the shotgun are full auto.
Each comes with unique audio, graphics, and projectiles.
This mod is set up for SkyUI. If you don't use SkyUI, that's fine. You will receive a "Gun Field Manual" the first time you load this mod. Read it and keep it. You will use it to get your guns and ammo.
You do NOT need Dawnguard, which was one of my priorities in creating this mod. If you DO have Dawnguard installed, the "M-4 2 Handed" portion of this MOD includes altered behavior files from Dawnguard and WILL affect how your crossbows perform. It will give them muzzle flash and make them automatic. You can simply un-install and re-install Junk's Guns without "M-4 2 Handed" checked to revert back to what you had and keep the AR-15, AK-47, shotgun, and Rocket Launcher. If you don't have Dawnguard installed, go balls to the wall and install it all.

The AR-15 and AK-47 automatically come with full ammo which does not show in inventory. When you need ammo for these guns, you get it with the "Gun Field Manual" or through SkyUI and the ammo shows up under the misc section of your inventory and is for reloading those guns. The shotgun is unlimited ammo.
The M-4 is set up totally differently. It is designed to ask you every time you equip it whether or not you need ammo. It equips by default with one shot. You get ammo for the M-4 by equipping it and this ammo shows up in the weapons tab of your inventory. You can also keep track of your ammo count on the screen for the M-4.

You can mow down HUGE crowds of enemies with these guns. Therefore, I do recommend "No Killcams" to keep the camera from going into 3rd person. I don't need to see a fancy close-up of every head shot I make.
I also recommend downloading my other mod LEGION. It'll give ya more targets! (:
Otherwise, enjoy the mod for what it is and HAVE FUN!

The only other requirement besides Skyrim is to not be a complete idiot. I create MODs for the simple enjoyment of it all. Then, I SHARE them with all of you. You are getting something for FREE. Simply download it, play it, enjoy it for what it is. If you don't like it, think it sucks, someone crapped in your cereal, whatever, that's fine. Move on.

Bethesda for the great game and Creation Kit.
Wave Editor
My wife. Not only for putting up with me, but for actually giving me some good ideas for this mod.
Ray for being such a great "Master-Beta Tester" ... as well as a great friend.
A sincere thank you to those who took a moment to come back and endorse.
And of course, Nexus for making a place where we can share our creations.

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