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Sunnysky is an adoptable orphan located in Rorikstead, Frostfruit Inn. Hearthfire required. Updated to V1.2

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No one knows where Sunnysky came from. Many believe a pilgrimage on the wrong path resulted in her

parents death by the forsworn, others believe it was an ambush by bandit highwaymen just over the hill.

Crying along the roadside just outside Rorikstead, "Mommeeeeeeeeeee! Ahhheeeeeheeee! Mommeeeeeeee!".
A night guard heard her cries and quickly came to help and took her to the Frostfruit Inn to get warm

and something to eat but she ate very little. "Do you remember what happened?"

All Sunnysky could recall is that it was dark, a strange grey face with red and yellow eyes, and her

parents were suddenly not there.
Sunnysky, not knowing where she was or how to explain, pointed here and there and even upwards towards

the ceiling, babbling as she spoke. "Let me get her to bed, she's had a long day." The barmaid said.

Tucking her into bed, the barmaid sang a lullaby until she fell asleep.

After an investigation the next morning resulted in signs of large blood stains that were found on the

ground, strange claw marks and a rusty arrow of unknown origin were also found at the sight of the attack.

Her parents bodies were never found.

Rumors went so far as to say that a giant was in the area and took the bodies for food. Fear of

canibalism frightened the townsfolk. One patron suggested a dragon at the expense of an outburst of laughter.

Location: Rorikstead, Frostfruit Inn
Default farm clothes
Child voice
Essential and cannot be killed.

Hearthfire required.

Recommended: Size does matter, multiple adoptions, Bless this home.

Credits: SK children body and eyes, Maevan brows, KS hairdos.

Sunnysky adoptable child is exclusive to me. Do not upload to other sights. No permissions. Thanks.