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New Conjuration and Alteration spells

Permissions and credits
Adds a merchant named Adrianne to the Sacellum Of Boethiah.She sells rare conjuration spellbooks :

- Conjure Wrathman
- Conjure Boneman
- Conjure Mistman
- Conjure Dragon priest
- Conjure Dremora Markynaz (Archer)
- Conjure Dremora Kynreeve (Warlock)

Falion File adds two new alteration spells,four of conjuration and Hist Sap to Falion in Morthal :

- Prolongued Waterbreathing
- Negate Gravity

- Conjure Scamp
- Conjure Daedroth
- Conjure Spider Daedra
- Conjure Hunger

Nirya File : adds 19 new spells to Niry.Following spells :

Alteration Spells:
1.Subterfurge – Muffle Your Movement And Shade Your Appereance 60sec.
2.Accelerate - Increase Your Movement Speed By 150% for 60sec 
3.Material Fury- Increased Weapon Attack Speed 120% For 30 sec.
4.Trance - Damage Stamina By 1000 pts and stagger the foe
5.Fury   – Increased Health By 50 pts and health reg by 150% and one handed attacks by 100 pts
6. Waterwalking - for 5 min

Illusion Spells:
1.Obfscute – chameleon 50% for 90 sec and increased speed 70%
2.Clastrophobia Spell - posionous fumes constantly grow in area of 30 for 90 sec.

Destruction Spells:
1.Inffect - - Poison  And Paralayze Human Enemiy For 15 Sec
2.Heart Attack - Damage Targets Health By 180 pts
3.Morgana Effect – Sets Entire Area On Fire,Infflicting 270 pts of fire damage to all nearby living beings.
4.Sharp Blades– enchant equipped weapon with frost damage of 25 pts and drain stamina by 25 pts

Restoration Spells:
1.Stability - You do not stagger for 120sec
2.Purity - Cure Disease And Restore Health By 250pts
3.Spell Of Taproot - Cures Poison And Restores All Stamina.
4.Recharge - Regenerate Magicka From Thin Air
5.Stimulate Self - 100% magic resistance for 30 sec
6.Stimulate Other - Gives 100 % magic resistance to nearby allies for 30sec
7.Sun Rune

Unliving file adds two new items to W. the Unliving in Windhelm :

- Bloodgrass (inherited ingrident properties from Oblivion)
- Conjure Scorpion 

- It also unlock the recipe for spell : Conjure Haunted Dwemer Soldier ,
which summons an dwemer outfited spirit soldier,armed with crossbow.
but to craft an spellbook you must aquire :
    dwemer armor set, black soul gem filled 3x, bone male 3x, briar heart, bear claws, potion of blood

Considering new creatures,all credits goes to Vicn.You can check out his profile,if you have not already.
His creature pack is really top of art if you ask me.
Thx again !
Also credits to Elianora and Maeqfaer for sun rune and chameleon spell.