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Adds craftable potions that give you a perk point.

Not getting perks fast enough? Have tons of gold and void salts? Then this mod is for you! Use your materials to craft Potions of Knowledge and gain perk points from beyond the realm of man!

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There are some who learned the ways of forbidden knowledge many years ago...

Adds the Potion of Knowledge, a craftable item that, upon drinking, will bless you with knowledge from Oblivion and give you a Perk Point.

After your intense study in many different skills, you've become fed up with the time commitment. Reading through a book, you found that there were once rich men who used the power of alcohol and void salts to call upon other planes to learn anything they could. The recipe was included...


- Go to any smelter with 10,000 gold and make a bar of "Re-Forged Gold." This strange metal is highly malleable with an extremely low melting point. Alchemists believe that it may be due to the oxygen and iron left over from previous activities in the smelter.

- Acquire 3 "Void Salts" and one "Ale."

- Bring these three ingredients to any cooking pot in all of Tamriel and mix the three together. The "Re-Forged Gold" will simmer in the "Ale" as the "Void Salts" dissolve into the strange drink. The glass bottle that formerly contained the ale should be left over to contain the elixir you have just made.

- Drink the potion and catch a glimpse into Oblivion itself, gaining knowledge and true insight.

Easter Eggs:

- Some of the more powerful individuals in Skyrim may have learned of this forbidden knowledge and put it into use. Those with strong pickpocketing skills will be able to attempt to take these. (Not fully implemented.)

- There is a man from long ago who wanders near a river, telling his tales and giving his knowledge away- for a price. (Not implemented yet.)