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A body, face and hands diffuse texture set for women, UNP family (UUNP, UNPB, CNHF, etc) compatible. CBBE patch available in optional downloads.

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I created a custom texture set for my Snow Elf character and decided to share it here. It's for UNP family, I'm considering a CBBE version but it'll depend on how I can recreate the look with CBBE assets.

Head and hands are 2k, body is 4k. All are Dxt1 compression. I may upload uncompressed later. I will have to remake it for that, since what I have is all I could salvage from before my computer had an unfortunate accident.

You'll have to get your own msn, s and sk maps. I recommend the ones from Fair Skin Complexion.

The overall look I wanted for my character was the pallid tone of Fair Skin coupled with the detail of Real Girls and Nuska's excellent face texture. I hope you will enjoy it.

Future plans: aforementioned CBBE and uncompressed versions. A darker "normal" version, maybe.

UPDATE 11/28: Less pale "regular" texture sets added, compressed and uncompressed versions. CBBE patch added. Face texture without freckles added. Please inform me if I messed up anything, as I rushed it this morning before work.

PS: I am not a graphical genius, I am a mere fledgling modder who edits textures with Paint.net. There are probably seams and artifacts that I can't tell because I depend on my ENB to smooth it all out. Sorry.


Fair Skin Complexion by Hhaley

Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless by alt3rn1ty

Real Girls Realistic Body Textures by zonzai

Real Skin for Women by Nuska (no longer available, please get it from Alt Navetsea UNP above)

Dimonized UNP Female Body by dimon99