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Refine almost all area of Severin Manor. Add Many equipments

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Severin Manor is my own home indeed.
I truly love this convenient and functional place. I've struggled to make here more comfortable. Now almost all area have been refined and many equipments are available!

Changed log
Auto Undressing Bath is available! 
Going to bathtub: Both Player and Follower undress automatically .
Leaving from bath: Follower automatically re-wear clothes/armors. Player have to wear manually.
***Add BSA file replacer in Misc Files*** For those who want player not undress at the bath automatically.
  • Add Display Booth beside forge area.
  • Artifact collections can be put there. Of course you can re-take them.
    Available items are; Elder Scrolls, Dragon Priest Masks include Miraak and acolytes, Dragon Claws,  Paragons, and Black Books.
    **notice** Once you put artifacts, they become "non quest item". So when you re-take them, their weight will be actually calculated. 

  • Add Storage box in display booth which includes replicas of artifacts. These can be put instead of originals.
  • Trophy booth is moved to the front of  bath area.
Ver 3.0: Forges are enhanced
  • The ability of Skyforge & Fort Dawnguard are added to the blacksmith forge.
  • Add Atronach Forge function to the Arcane enchanter.
  • Set Aetherium Forge in front of the smeltar.
  • Some ambient decorations has been added.
Ver 2.1: Do some adjustments.
  • Fixed some misplaced objects.
  • Adjusted the bed to gain "well rest bonus". (But for some reason, message may not appear on top-left. Miraak's curse?)
  • Added milk spawners in the farm.
  • Added Bloodstone Chalice in the coffin room.
Ver 2.0: Add Upstairs Farm area & Underground Grotto.
ver 1.01: Fixed invalid file header.
ver 1.0: Merged "Severin Manor Kitchen" , "Severin Manor Bathroom",and "Severin Manor Crafting Room".
ver 0.5: First release. only include center room.

  DLC Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn


This mod changes many position of objects defined in Dragonborn. To apply it correctly, recommend to stay far from manor as possible when installing.(By resetting cell, objects will be correctly set.)

  • Improve Dungeon like BGM
  • Add lightings to whole area

Upper floor
  • Changed to Kitchen
  • Oven and recipe of "Boiled cream treat" 
  • Brewing barrel which can make drinks
  • Butter churn
  • Wood chopping block

North area
  • Staff enchanter
  • Replace the combat dummies to artifact display booth
  • Clean up and decorate the forge area
  • Blacksmith forge ; Can make Skyforge arms, Enhanced crossbows, and Exploding bolts.
  • Atronach Forge ; Same as Winterhold's one. Sigil Stone is also available, needs to be brought from college.
  • Aetherium Forge ; Almost just a monument but may useful for some dwarven MOD.

South area

  •  Change the guest room to bathroom 
  •  Add an equitable item "Clothes Basket" (can undress quickly by this. Also can make this at tanning rack)
  • Trophy booth
  •  Greenhouse; 32 fertile soils are available

Center path
  • Shrines of Nine Divines and Auriel

Center room
  • Decorate all over the center living room
  • 2 beds
  • Shrines of Azura, Boethiah, Mephala
  • Shrine of Nocturnal beside the main bed
  • Coffin room for vampires in the additional basement
  • Bloodstone Chalice in the coffin room

Farm area (additional upstairs)
  • Grain mill
  • 2 Apiarys which spawn honey (Vanilla doesn't)
  • 2 Cow
  • 4 Milk spawners ; Can take 2 Jug of Milk from each of them. 10 days respawn
  • 4 Chicken with nests

Grotto (additional underground)
  • Deposit of Rock Salt. Rock salt is can be changed into 5 salt piles with cooking pot.
  • Fish hatchery with small pond

Recommended Mod

With great appreciate to all lovers and modders of Severin Manor :)