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Adds Gerdur to the game with our vision of what she should be.

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She kills her EX-Hubby!

We present Gerdur a Nord lumberjack of sorts living in Riverwood. That is until now...We wanted her to be a true Nord facegen wise, giving her a look that matches her hard personality. She is tough and vial-able and it shows with her 0 makeup, basic look. She is no longer married but still has a son. She can be asked to be a companion and her stats prove her worthy with any weapon. She can also be married (yes you read that right). No longer will you travel through Riverwood and find a useless lumberjack that babels on about Nord life. Now in order to accomplish these tasks you will need RDO (Relationship Dialogue Overhaul) so that you have all required dialogue. And that's it a simple download that installs easy and your good to go. Most will already have RDO in their load order.

Race Nord
Height 1.0
Weight .50
Class: Spellsword
Combat: Melee, Ranged set high, Magic, Staff and Unarmed set low
Speed: 165 (She keeps up)
Health, Magicka and Stamina 350 with Carry weight set to a million.
Skill Bonus: Destruction, Archery, Sneak, Block, Heavy Armor, One-handed and Two-handed: 100


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