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This is not a lore-friendly mod. It adds two new spells that are in the schools of destruction and restoration. You must craft these at a smelter when you reach expert perk in both schools.

Permissions and credits
These where made by the Gods for the purpose of helping the Dragonborn with his adventure but in order to get the spells you have to prove yourself to them by getting the expert perks in both restoration and destruction and conjuration.
and they will be available at the smelter under steel making
Magus Spell is a combination of Icy Spear, Incinerate, and Thunderbolt. To make the tome you need the tomes Icy  Spear, Incinerate, and thunderbolt. Combine these with a Grand Soul Gem filled and the forge to get this spell tome.
Gifted Healing is just stronger form of Grand Healing. To make this tome you need Grand Healing and a Grand Soul Gem Filled to make this at the forge.
Revered Spell is a stronger form of the Spectral arrow with the ability to paralyze for 15 sec. To make this tome you need Bound Bow and Paralyze spell tomes. Combine them with a Grand Soul Gem Filled to get this tome at the forge.
Summoned Spell is all the fire spells minus Flame and Fire Storm. To make the tome for this you will need the tomes Firebolt, Fireball, and Incinerate. Combine them at the forge to get the tome for this spell.