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Shows the quest that owns quest items when you try to drop or store them. SKSE plugin.

Permissions and credits
Update to 1.3: Added two more options (disabled by default): (1) Replace the notification with a message box. (2) Randomly select one of multiple message texts (e.g. for immersion). Also adds more {patterns}.

Modifies the drop quest item message to tell you which quest the item belongs to. Can be configured to allow you to drop quest items.

Example: Attempting to drop an Amulet of Talos while the quest Return to Grace is active.
Old: Quest Items cannot be removed from your Inventory.
New: Amulet of Talos locked by: Return to Grace

When you try to drop or store a quest item the game will tell you that quest items can not be removed. With this mod installed the message will tell you which quest marks the item as quest item. The exact wording can be customized in the accompanying ini file. Modded quests are recognized. The mod modifies the game code with SKSE. No esp file. No scripts. Safe to remove at any time.

Partially incompatible with "SkyrimSouls - Unpaused Game Menus": When used together this mod's message is only displayed when you attempt to store a quest item into a container but not when you attempt to drop it.

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

The mod can be configured in the file Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\which_quests_item.ini. For full details see the comments in that file.
Message = {item name} locked by: {quest name} The new drop quest item message. The mod fills in {item name} and {quest name}.
ShowMessageBox = 0 Change to 1 to display the message in a message box instead of a corner notification (since 1.3).
QuestItemOverrideKey = 0  While this key is held down you can store or drop quest items. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. MSDN: Virtual-Key Codes.
PickRandomMessage = 0 Set to 1 to have the mod randomly pick a message from the [Random Messages] section (since 1.3; see comments in the ini file).

Use your mod manager or unpack the archive into your Skyrim\Data folder. It is save to (un)install the mod at any time.

Skyrim Special Edition
I plan to start porting this and my other mods to SSE when SKSE64 leaves the alpha stadium.

You are free to use the mod and it's source in any form as long as you give full credit and link back to this page when you publish your modification or reupload the mod. I would also appreciate if you let me know when you do so, but that is not a requirement.

Credits & Thanks
Bethesda for Skyrim
The Skyrim Script Extender team for SKSE
Build with Visual Studio 2015