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This is Charlie, a cat follower. He comes in 10 different colors. Each with an option to have a collar or no collar.

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I was always very disappointed that there weren't any single cat follower mods on the Nexus that were actually functional.
So, I made my own.
He's not very useful, he's kind of just there for aesthetic reasons. (READ COMBAT)
Charlie sometimes can fall behind while adventuring. But don't panic, hes not gone for good. Just fast travel anywhere and he will pop back up.


IMPORTANT!!!! - When updating this mod, either (1) completely uninstall any previous version and make a clean save (2) overwrite all files from previous version

What to expect in the next update:
-updated scripts + dialogue
-updated skeleton( collision fix )
-new file structure(again)

Updating from version 1.0 to version 2.1:
-completely uninstall version 1
-open Skyrim and save
-close Skyrim and install version 2
-open Skyrim and load save

View the changes tab to view the change log and see the different features that were added with this patch.


Charlie can be found in his house, east of Valtheim Towers. 
Charlie's previous owner was unfortunately cut down by bandits, so he's all alone.


Charlie won't fight. Instead, he'll run around like crazy during combat. (Don't know how to fix this...if someone fixes it pls send me the esp so everyone can have a useful Charlie instead of....this..)

Future Plans

-Eventually, I plan to add some sort of quest that you'll need to complete in order to obtain him as a follower.
-Additional dialogue.




-no follow option(he will still follow you when activated, just no dialogue option pops up)
-dismiss sometimes does not send him home(try set playeranimalcount to 0 in console) OR (click on him and type disable in console, exit console, enter console and type enable  .. exit, enter console..then  type show playeranimalcount ..if it is 0 this worked, if it is still 1, this did not work and I am sorry)
-refuses to help during combat(not sure how to fix this)