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A set of BodyGen settings for players who want familiar body types in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
When the BodyGen feature came out for Racemenu, people who actually cared to know celebrated. So did I, except I never got the body I wanted for various characters, like Serana, Lydia, etc. So then I made various Bodygen templates for each of these and thought, why not just make set for each of the body types I use? This is just that, a templates.ini for all the bodies I want in my game. This is a file to make things easier for others to use BodyGen.
I have included settings for CBBE, UNPB, 7B, Seraphim, DreamGirl, CHNF, datjellyman, Natural Curves - Babe, Leyenda Body, and Seductress Bodies.

Important note: Seductress Body templates are having Touched By Dibella levels of breast sizes. This is not supposed to happen. If you don't want that, don't use those templates. I will try to fix this as best I can.

Note: all of these bodies use the UUNP Zeroed Sliders body as a base. This is very important. You must also generate body, hands, and feet with morphs (check that little box next to the Batch Build button.)

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Caliente and Ousnius
Racemenu by Expired (or more specifically the NiOverride function)
any UNP-based texture for the bodies

How to install:
Merge all folders with your Skyrim directory or install with mod manager of your choice.

For your convenience - the BaseID's for most of the Females of Skyrim

Vanilla Skyrim (to use with the Skyrim.esm tag)

Adelaisa Vendicci - 1411D
Adrianne Avenicci - 13BB9
Aela the Huntress - 1A696
Alexia Vici - 60B29
Angi - CAB2F
Anuriel - 13349
Aranea Ienith - 28AD0
Arcadia - 13BA4
Astrid - 1BDB4
Borgakh Steel-Heart - 19959
Bothela - 1338B
Brelyna Maryon - 1C196
Brina - 1C187
Bryling - 13265
Carlotta Valentia - 13B99
Colette Marence - 1C19A
Danica Pure-Spring - 13BA5
Delphine - 13478
Dinya Balu - 13352
Elda Early-Dawn - 1412A
Elenwen - 13269
Elisif the Fair - 1326A
Endarie - 1326F
Eola - 1990F
Erdi - 13271
Evette San - 13273
Faralda - 1C197
Frabbi - 13398
Freir - 13277
Gerdur - 1347C
Grelka - 136C5
Haelga - 1335F
Hamal - 1E765
Haran - 1C184
Hermir Strong-Heart - 1412D
Hillevi Cruel-Sea - 1411F
Hroki - 1339E
Hulda - 13BA3
Idgrod the Younger - 135EC
Illia - 48C2F
Ingun - 13364
Iona - A2C91
Jenassa - B9982
Jonna - 135ED
Jordis the Sword Maiden - A2C8F
Karliah - 1B07F
Lami - 135EF
Legate Rikke - 132A1
Lisbet - 133A5
Lisette - 13297
Luaffyn - 47CAD
Lydia - A2C8E
Maven - 1336A
Mirabelle Ervine - 1C1A0
Mjoll the Lioness - 13386
Muiri - 1406B
Nilsine Shatter-Shield - 1412C
Niranye - 14123
Nirya - 1C19B
Nivenor - 1336F
Njada Stonearm - 1A6D9
Nocturnal - 1A2CF
Olfina Gray-Mane - 13B9B
Orla - 133B0
Pantea Atea - 1329F
Ria - 1A6D7
Saadia - 13BA2
Sapphire - C19A3
Senna - 133B7
Sigrid - 13476
Silda the Unseen - 14121
Svana - 1337C
Sybille Stentor - 132AA
Sylgia - C3A3F
Taarie - 132AB
Temba Wide-Arm - 658D2
Thaena - 1C189
Tonilia - B8827
Tova (dead body - use along with other Tova) - D2B16
Tova Shatter-Shield - 14125
Ugor - 19E1A
Una - 132AC
Uthger the Unbroken - 918E2
Vex - 1CD90
Vittoria Vici - 1327A
Ysolda - 13BAB

Dawnguard (use with the Dawnguard.esm tag)

Beleval - 1541C
Fura Bloodmouth - 3363
Hestla - 3365
Injgard - 1541B
Katria - 4D0C
Katria's corpse - 4D7D
Salonia Caelia - 3369
Serana - 2B6C
Sorine Jurard - 336B
Valerica - 3B8B

Hearthfire (use with the Hearthfires.esm tag)

Oriella - 19631
Rayya - 5215
Sonir - 19630

Dragonborn (use with the Dragonborn.esm tag)

Aphia Valor - 1827C
Bralsa Drel - 18F15
Cindiri Arano - 18282
Dreyla Alor - 18294
Edla - 18FB8
Elynwa Mothren - 17778
Fanari Strong-Voice - 18FC5
Finna - 18F9C
Frea - 17934
Illdari Sarothril - 1773B
Milore Ienth - 182A1
Morwen - 18FA9
Yrsa - 18FB9


Q: This literally did nothing. How do I make it work?
A: I am surprised that you know that you need this for BodyGen but don't know what to do with it. You have to make a morphs.ini file in the same folder as your templates.ini. The method to do this is in Racemenu's mod description. Also, this only works on a NEW game.

Q: These bodies don't have enough variety. Can't you make them more varied?
A:The whole point of this file was to make special bodies for certain characters that would stay consistent every time I started a new game. If you don't want that then this mod is not for you.

Q: Why won't you use CBBE?
A: 1. UUNP has a better polycount than CBBE. 2. You can use CBBE morphs with UUNP.

Q: There isn't the body type that I want. You should have made more!
A: I have no idea what you want. Just use these or don't.

Q: There is something weird going on with the neck.
A: That is a problem with BodyGen, not this file.

Q: My characters look weird!
A: You probably didn't use the -Zeroed Sliders- body as your base body.

Q: You have terrible taste in bodies.
A: Deal with it.

Feel free to ask questions!

Thanks to the following:
Caliente and Ousnious for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Expired for Racemenu
BringTheNoise for Unified UNP
HeroedeLeyenda for Leyenda Body
datjellyman for his/her preset
Nerd of Prey for Natural Curves Presets
Noverria for Seductress Body Preset


You can do whatever you want with this file. No want or need for you to credit me.