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Add a set of new robe, craftable,upgradeable.

Permissions and credits
This mod is concept by youngmin suh's art work Dark Angel
Here for the SSE version by docteur87


A circlet(With new hair or circlet version. You need install SG Hair pack to make the hair version work )
A arm warp
A feet warp
A upgradeable robe
A pair fancy wings

CBBE&UNPB body supported
HDT-SMP supported

To get these equipments, you need find a vanilla conjuration skill book "The doors of oblivion" first, then you can craft thees items in any forge.

Whta?The book is nowhere to find?! Read this

Consider this mod as a gift for every "single" dragonborn. Happy 11.11

· CBBE or UNPB body
· HDT-SMP(HDT Skinned Mesh Physics Object) if you like physics
· SG Hair Pack(For the new hair.If you cant find it, you can still use the no hair version)

Lore unfriendly
Meshes clip through is inevitable 
Technical support will fade soon
NSFW & Malnutrition risk
Due to the massive workload and incurable laziness debuff,more bodytype support and bodyslide support is not available from this mod auther :)

· Youngmin suh for his incredible work (I hope he/she wont get mad because i've made some changes due to my hopeless laziness and lack of skill)
· Ana Mendes, i've modelled a beholder, yes that red meat ball hangs in the waist, concept by his/her figure. I dont know why do this thing,just cant help.
· Caliente for CBBE body mesh
· Dimon 99 for UNP body mesh
· Nexusmods for the platform
· Niftools team for all these tools
· docteur87 for the SSE version