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Lets you pay to have your stuff enchanted.

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Pay a flat rate of 3000 septims to have one piece of gear enchanted by an NPC.

Any NPC in the 'Court Wizard' faction can enchant your gear.

Faralda is the only NPC edited by this mod and was added to the court wizard faction.

Master enchanter Sergius Turrianus will still shrug you off if you ask about it =p

You can use the enchantments and soul gem given to you or provide your own.

This mod was made because I like the idea of Honed Metal, but found it overly complex:


In terms of performance, this mod has only one script which runs on choosing the appropriate dialogue.

There are no update loops and no scanning for specific NPCs.


Compatible with Requiem and Loot and Degradation by Isoku.

Should be compatible with most everything, other mods might overwrite Faralda's factions but can be easily fixed with xEdit.

Plans for the Future:

- Add more customization, MCM?, maybe

- Make the player forget basic enchantment types given when using enchanting services