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A farm at the beautiful Stony Creek Lake below Military Camp Eastmarch usable as a player home.

Permissions and credits
Lying in the foothills of the Velothi Mountains near the border to Morrowind, besides the beautiful lake at Stony Creek Cave in a region where weather is changing fast from bright sunlight to cold snow shower. You will find a peaceful place between pines and hills, but it's not so lonesome there like you might think. Imperial soldiers are patrolling and protecting this place and if you are a Stormcloak you might get some enemies just in front of your door.
Inside you can look through the windows and see surrounding land, the lake, some birds and sheep. But it is not exactly the same environment like the exterior because interior cells have no heightmap.

This farm was made for my mod Tasheni Followers as part of a questline that is still under development. If you don't like my followers to have with you, you can use this farm now as a player home. Don't install this mod, if you are using Tasheni Followers!
Tasheni Followers

This is my first housemod and I had not too much time to test it. So do install the archive with MO or Nexus Mod Manager, really! Make a clean safe before using it in case you must uninstall. If you use landscape mods, load it after them because grasses will not show up if it is first loaded.
All containers are safe with the exception of the hanging mead barrel.

Mod is cleaned with TESVEdit. Textures are optimised with Ordenador Ordenador

Please report bugs and endorse, if you like it. Feel free to post screenshots or make some videos.


All meshes and textures were made by the modder's comunity from nexus, TESAlliance and Dark Creations. Thank you very much for your fantastic rich resources you have given to us. Thank you to all that gave me permissions to use their assets. Credits go to:

Stormcloak Cabin Resource

prettyanimated potions

Clutter Stuffs

Folded Blankets

Morrowind Potions

Bale sand Furrows


LogHut Resource

Washing Stuffs

Wall Charts

Window Boxes

New Plants

New Flowers

Static dishes and food

Assorted Resources

Tamira,Strotiand Mr Siika:
StrotisRustic Furniture Resource

Strotis Spinningwheels

Strotis Old Cabin Resource

Strotis resource pack 2

Strotis Treehouse

Mr Siika Tamira Ravens and Vultures

Mr Siika Seagulls

Strotis kitchen tools

Strotis Old Mill resource

WeaponPlaque Resource

Clutter and Furnishings

tesa modder's resourcepack:

hoddminir retextured sheep

Hoddminir Flowers

Blary and Pheo3309,Darkfox127, AlassinSane:
Harvestable IngredientJars

Potion Shelf resources

Modders Resource:

Hanging Satchel


Fully Functional Furniture

Orient Set

Extra Resources

Fossils for Skyrim

Mihail Romanov Wolves of Cyrodiil

You are not allowed to use this farm in payed mods.
You can use this farm as you like, but you must credit me and of course all that are on the list above. Some items are not a modder's resource and you need to ask the original author for permission. If you like to port it over to SSE I appreciate it a lot, I don't have it and can't do it myself. Enjoy!

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