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Allows crafting of in-game clothing, including several rare or unobtainable garments and sets.

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Current Update:
2.1.2: March Madness 2

Are you a concerned roleplayer, dismayed at the dearth of comfortable attire? Perhaps an enchanting mage, unwilling to bend knee to your clothing overlords at Radiant Raiment? Or simply a fashion-conscious dovahkiin, looking to save the world and look damn stylish doing it?

Actualize Apparel is your answer, the unique, flashy, and stylish mod meets or exceeds the needs for those positively itching to get at those robes and garments denied from the masses by the tyranny of data files. You can craft and dress the part of a Jarl or even an Emperor, or a cultist or vagrant, should you see fit.

In all, Actualize Apparel includes an astounding 129 new clothing recipes craftable from the forge for your perusal, with only a fraction on display here. Should our eyes have missed something that you believe should be included in our fashion repertoire, bring it to our attention and it will join our growing catalog.

As a final note, nearly all of these recipes requires simple Linen Wraps, found in most drauger tombs. Most plebian eyes gloss over them as inferior loot with a poor weight-to-value ratio, but we have no doubt that your discerning eyes will find the value in these discarded scraps, and in Actualize Apparel's ability to transform them into something fantastic, stylish, and beautiful.


Find it at this download link.


- Initial 45 recipes craftable from forge

- Decreased weight of Vaermina Robes and Linen Wraps from 5 each to 1 and 0.5 respectively, adjusted and generally decreased materials requirements on a few higher-costed garments.

- Added 27 new recipes to a total of 72, including but not limited to: Wedding Dress, Archmage Robes, Jester's Clothes, Necromancer Clothes, Barkeep Clothes, and Shrouded Robes.
- Changed and lessened some material requirements
- Removed enchants from craftable clothing. For those of you who would consider crafting Archmage Robes to be OP at lower levels, unless you're looking to overpower your enemies with your sense of fashion, you're in the clear.

- Fixed bugs that made the enchant-less versions of some armors unenchantable.

- Added College Robes, Dragon Priest Masks, and a few other items for a grand total of 92 items!

- Fixed minor bug that made College Boots and their variant craftable, but not wearable.

- Added Blacksmith Clothes, a variant, and shoes to the crafting menu
- Added Five original retextures of the Psijic set to the crafting menu as independent items! Look for Aqueous Circle, Ardent Cloister, Crimson Order, Nightsilver, and Verdant Coven in the crafting menu! See the new styles at:

- March Madness Update! Added Sheogorath's Suit, Black Dementia Suit, Red Maniac Suit, and White Lunacy Suit, along with their corresponding boots.
- Looks may be deceiving on these articles, as they don't actually look like they do in the crafting window (they had no world meshes). You can find their true appearances in the promotional picture uploaded here:

- Added three more variants of the Sheogorath suit in blue, yellow, and green. You can see them here:
- Added a mysterious armoire in the Pelagius Wing


Aqueous Circle Psijic Boots
Aqueous Circle Psijic Gloves
Aqueous Circle Psijic Hood
Aqueous Circle Psijic Robes
Archmage Boots
Archmage Robes
Archmage Robes (Hooded)
Ardent Cloister Psijic Boots
Ardent Cloister Psijic Gloves
Ardent Cloister Psijic Hood
Ardent Cloister Psijic Robes
Arm Bandages
Barkeep Clothes
Barkeep Clothes (Variant)
Barkeep Shoes
Black Dementia Boots
Black Dementia Suit
Black Hood
Black Robes
Blacksmith Clothes
Blacksmith Clothes (Variant)
Blacksmith Shoes
Bloodied Redguard Boots (Dark Brotherhood)
Bloodied Redguard Clothes (Dark Brotherhood)
Bloodied Redguard Hood (Dark Brotherhood)
Brown Robes
Chef Hat
Chef Shoes
Chef Tunic
College Boots (Apprentice)
College Boots (Common)
College Robes (Apprentice)
College Robes (Apprentice) Variant 1
College Robes (Apprentice) Variant 2
College Robes (Common)
College Robes (Common) Variant 1
Crimson Order Psijic Boots
Crimson Order Psijic Gloves
Crimson Order Psijic Hood
Crimson Order Psijic Robes
Cuffed Boots
Dragon Priest Mask (Bronze)
Dragon Priest Mask (Corondrum)
Dragon Priest Mask (Ebony)
Dragon Priest Mask (Gold)
Dragon Priest Mask (Iron)
Dragon Priest Mask (Marble)
Dragon Priest Mask (Moonstone)
Dragon Priest Mask (Orichalcum)
Dragon Priest Mask (Steel)
Dragon Priest Mask (Wood)
Embellished Robes
Emerald Fool Boots
Emerald Fool Suit
Emperor Robes
Execution Hood
Execution Hood (Dark Brotherhood)
Fine Armguards
Fine Boots
Fine Boots (Variant)
Fine Raiment
Focusing Gloves
Fur-Lined Shoes
Gilded Wristguards
Green Robes
Grey Robes
Jester Boots (Dark Brotherhood)
Jester Clothes (Dark Brotherhood)
Jester Gloves (Dark Brotherhood)
Jester Hat (Dark Brotherhood)
Jyggalag's Folly Boots
Jyggalag's Folly Suit
Mage Hood
Mage Hood (Variant)
Mage Hood (Variant 2)
Monk Boots
Monk Robes
Mourner Clothes
Mourner Hat
Mythic Dawn Boots
Mythic Dawn Gloves
Mythic Dawn Robes
Necromancer Boots
Necromancer Robes
Nightsilver Psijic Boots
Nightsilver Psijic Gloves
Nightsilver Psijic Hood
Nightsilver Psijic Robes
Noble Clothes
Plain Bananas Boots
Plain Bananas Suit
Pleated Shoes
Psiijic Boots
Psiijic Gloves
Psiijic Hood
Psiijic Robe
Ragged Trousers
Red Maniac Boots
Red Maniac Suit
Redguard Boots
Redguard Clothes
Redguard Hood
Red Robes
Sheogorath's Boots
Sheogorath's Suit
Shrouded Hand Wraps (Dark Brotherhood)
Shrouded Hood (Dark Brotherhood)
Shrouded Robes (Dark Brotherhood)
Shrouded Shoes (Dark Brotherhood)
Tavern Clothes
Thalmor Boots
Thalmor Gloves
Thalmor Robes
Thalmor Robes (Hooded)
Ulfric Boots
Ulfric Gauntlets
Ulfric Robes
Vaermina Robes
Verdant Coven Psijic Boots
Verdant Coven Psijic Gloves
Verdant Coven Psijic Hood
Verdant Coven Psijic Robes
Wedding Dress
Wedding Sandals
Wedding Wreath
White Lunacy Boots
White Lunacy Suit