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Replaces Skyrims main menu and music with the Witcher 3 main menu(not anim) and music from it's main menu.

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: If after installation your Skyrim alt-tabs itself or looks as if it's crashed it hasn't, just alt tab back to skyrim then to a different window and then back to Skyrim and it works. Or it could just be me experiencing it, either way it's a pain in the ass. I have a superstition that the audio might be the cause for it. 
HERE*S FIX: I fixed my issue which was: I was using an enb and I had a recording software( running while starting which got the game to fucking alt-tab itself.


Download mod

open with rar or whatever

drag files into your skyrim mod folder which is data (but dont put the data folder inside the data folder)

Overwrite is asked


Credit goes to:

Bugthesda for the game

CD Projekt Red for their amazing soundtrack and artstyle