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A sassy and sarcastic fully voiced follower brought to life by the amazing voice of Kerstyn "Kikiapplus". With over 100 lines of dialogue (and many more to come!), a short quest (An entire questline is a WIP) and a detailed backstory, Kamira's meant to be more than just a "pretty face".

Permissions and credits
Beta 1.1 is now live!
The new update includes over 200 lines of new dialogue (Including Idle conversation, combat and the start of her friendship system). As well as a new look for Kamira's amulet!

Thank you all so much for getting Kamira on the hot files! I really appreciate that you like her :3

Kamira - A Fully Voiced Companion

Many thanks to Ikari for showcasing Kamira on his show!
(minute 3:53)

A sassy and sarcastic fully voiced follower brought to life by the amazing voice of Kerstyn "Kikiapplus". With over 100 lines of dialogue, a short quest and a detailed backstory, Kamira's meant to be more than just a "pretty face". This is my first ever mod, so some glitches are to be expected, but if you find any, please let me know.

The current release of Kamira is a only a beta, what this means is that there's much more content planned for her, which includes the following:

-Main quests awareness!
-Many more lines of dialogue (An estimate of 500, maybe even more)
-A complete quest line that details her backstory and purpose for being in Skyrim, this includes more characters being introduced, which means even more lines of dialogue! (Oh joy!)
-A friendship system (As your relationship progress, she'll give you access to her inventory and other services, as well as telling you more about herself)

All of this will be released in due time, but as I've mentioned before, this is the first time I've worked on a mod for Skyrim (or any game to be honest), so it'll take some time before I can say that the mod is complete. Please be patient!

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy the mod and look forward to the next releases! Please endorse the mod if you feel like it has potential and/or you like it, it would mean a lot to me if Kamira doesn't get swallowed by the countless follower mods in the Nexus. Thank you so much either way!

Kamira's the daughter of a Snow Elf and a Yokudan (ancient Red Guard). Karvae, Kamira's mother, was banished from skyrim after being one of the few Snow Elves who refused to be blinded in exchange for protection by the Dwemer. Instead of falling back, she attempted to free some of her kin that had also declined the Dwemer deal but instead of being banished, were being prepared to be slaughtered for apparent subordination. Karvae assaulted a holding cave, and managed to free the prisoners, unfortunately, this was short lived, as over a dozen Dwarves were blocking the only way out. The freed Snow Elves and Karvae tried to fight the Dwemer, but their struggle was in vain, as they were outmatched in both numbers and equipment. Only Karvae managed to escape and was then hunted for years by the Dwemer, which forced her to leave Tamriel and travel to Yokuda.

She arrived by boat and set up a shelter by some mountains, which allowed her to live in relative peace for a while. This peace was interrupted by the Yokudan-Sinister Elves conflict, as one of the battles occurred near her shelter, she remained hidden until the battle ended, and by the time she went investigate, hundreds of bodies were lying on the ground. It was this day that she met with a certain fortunate soldier named Thedren, a Yokudan that had somehow survived being impaled through the chest with a spear. Worried for the man's life, she took him to her shelter and quickly tended his wounds with the little resources she had and some healing spells she had learnt during her journey. Thedren woke up two days later, confused and surprised as he was sure he had died in battle, he stood up and tried to analyze his surroundings, at which time Karvae entered the shelter, scaring the man as he had never seen such a light skinned elf. Days, months and years passed, and the two bonded as Thedren's body healed. It was during this time that they conceived a child who they named Kamira.

As the years went by, the three built a much more suitable house for a family, however, this attracted the wrong kind of attention. On Kamira's 13th birthday, a group of Sinistral Elves attacked their home, Thedren and Karvae managed to fight them off and hide Kamira, nonetheless they were eventually overpowered by two necromancers and assassinated on the spot. After searching the entire house for any survivors, they decided to leave and take the bodies with them. Hours later, Kamira came out of her hiding spot, crying and desperate, as she knew what had happened to her parents. She laid down on the floor and cried herself to sleep. Later that night, a group of Yokudans entered Kamira’s house and found her asleep on the floor, surrounded by the aftermath of the encounter between her parents and the Sinistral Elves. The group woke her up and asked what had happened, but Kamira couldn’t do anything but cry. They search the house, and as they find no trace of her parents, they manage to piece together what occurred to them. The Yokudans offer Kamira a home with them, to which she doesn’t reply and just hugs one of them and continues crying.

Time goes by and Kamira is taught how to use a sword and shield, but she later develops a preference for daggers and a bow. Around two years after her parents were killed, an army of Sinistral Elves attack the Yokudan settlement in which Kamira lived, murdering everyone on their path. Kamira and Rasal (the Yokudan that adopted her), tried to fight off the attack, but they were being overwhelmed. As more Lefthanded Elves attacked them, Rasal concluded that there was no way they were both surviving the attack, so he convinced Kamira to escape while he fends off the rest of the elves. At first she refused to leave him behind, and urged Rasal to escape with her, but he insisted and pushed her out of his way. Devastated for losing yet another family, she runs for as long as her legs allow her to, eventually arriving at a port where a ship was about to leave. She sprinted towards it and managed to sneak inside, where she spent the next couple of days until the ship arrived at its destination, Tamriel.
For years, Kamira traveled all across Tamriel, witnessing countless historical events and suffering, until she visited Skyrim, where she’s been wandering for the last century, seemingly looking for something amongst the ancient nord crypts.

Use a mod manager (like NMM or Mod Organizer) or if you're feeling fresh as a tomato, you can manually install it by extracting all the files and folders in the zip file to the Skyrim folder in your skyrim directory (usually "~\ProgramFiles(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim").

The following mods are needed for Kamira to work as intended:

SKSE ( *External link (The main version doesn't require this)
HDT HighHeels System - (The main version doesn't require this)

You also need the official DLC Dawnguard!

This mod uses some resources from these mods:

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition CBBE by Caliente_ Ousnius and Jeir
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Celes Nightingale Armor UUNP - CBBE by Deserter X
UNP Minidresses Collection by Tiwa44
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
Hale - Iridum Eyes by Halendia
Newmiller drake2 jewellery necklaces circlet UNP CBBE (jewelry) by Newmiller

Alex Gamboa (Darzack) - Creator, writer, developer, scripting.
Kerstyn (Kikiapplus) - Voice of Kamira, audio editing, additional help, screenshots.
Deserter X - Meshes and Textures for Kamira's Armor.
Tiwa44 - Mesh for Kamira's cuirass.
Apachii - Mesh and Texture of Kamira's Hair.
Jmenaru - Mesh of Kamira's Sword.
Halenda - Kamira's Eyes
Newmiller - Kamira's Amulet Mesh and Textures

Beta V1.1
November 6th  2017 Release
200+ Lines of new dialogue.
The start of Kamira's friendship system.
New mesh and textures for Kamira's Amulet.

Beta V1.0.7b
Fixed Kamira's misc dialogue not playing.

Beta V1.0.6b
Optional release!
Doesn't require HDT HighHeels (Boots' textures might be slightly weird).

Beta V1.0.6
*First release!
Over 100 lines of dialogue.
Misc. lines not entirely tested.
Might wander off if the player doesn't do anything in an unspecified time frame.

Make sure to update to the latest version before reporting problems!

Does Kamira have the Halloween costume from the screenshots included in her file?
She doesn't, those pictures are meant to be a little reference to the fact that she's being released on Halloween

Why is Kamira so young if she's supposedly well over a thousand years old?
Maybe you should ask her. (Not yet implemented)

I just installed the mod, but where can I find Kamira?
You can find her wandering in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

I finished the quest but Kamira won't follow me.

Make sure that Kamira.esp is loaded before any sort of Follower Overhaul mod. (EFF, UFO, etc.)

Kamira refuses to do anything for me, or even open her inventory.
She's meant to be a follower that won't do much for you unless she likes you. Unfortunately, the current version is incomplete and you won't be able to make her do something or open her inventory for now. Please be patient!

Kamira won't speak to me.
Sometimes the dialogue sequence might get screwed up. If so, use TES5Edit and generate a SEQ File for Kamira.esp

I can't find Kamira! (Made her wait, but can't remember wait, etc)
I'm so sorry! But for now, there's no real way of finding Kamira if you ever lose her. A future update will add a quest marker for her!

Kamira won't do anything/ is bugged out.
Open up the console and click on her, afterwards, use the command disable followed by enable.

Can I marry Kamira?
Nope, she's never meant to be marriable. After all, she will never care about you. She's one sassy girl.

Do I need SKSE?
For now, yes. As HDT HighHeels needs it. Some time along the way, I'll make a version that doesn't require the HDTHighHeels system.

Do I need any other mods?
For now, yes. The files you'll need are detailed in the "Needed Mods" section of this text.

There are some strange square blocks in the subtitles and/or silent lines.
If you encounter any of these problems, please do post an Issue on the mod page. I'll try to fix it by the next update!

I don't like the way Kamira looks or fights.
Welp, watchu gonna do about it huh? Just kidding (please endorse this mod), feel free to load the .esp file in the Creation Kit and change the stuff you wish to your own personal preference, but please, do not ask me how to actually do it. This is my first mod and I barely know how to use the CK myself.

I don't like Kamira's dialogue and/or voice.

Is Kamira lore friendly?
Well, her backstory is "meant" to be lore friendly, but some people might argue that it makes no sense as there's no way a snow elf would head to Yokudan, etc. Either way, I did my best to make her lore friendly, but she might not be 100% lf for everyone.

I have a problem.
Leave a post in the nexus mod page, do not PM me as I will probably never check my inbox.
Also, Kikiapplus doesn't work on the technical side of this mod, please refrain from asking her about it.