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Add lesson in readme
Add new version
Add English ReadMe!!!
SLAG - special thanks for the translation into English.
Also thanks to the project

The intention was to simplifty the creation of two morphing models. In Skyrim you were free to choose either "fat" or "slim" character but the difference between them was not too tangible. However, we've become able to create two versions of armor, clothing and of body itself. To make a long story short, the script allows you to automatically transfer the first morph model (model_0 hereafter) to the second morph model (model_1). To do this you should have body models (either yours or someone else's) and make templates of them so that you'd be able to perform vertex shifting of model_0 to _1.
fixed a critical error. fixed several minor bugs. Add readme in Russian
accelerated! Edit selected polygons in morphing bodies rollout. Now I like how it works. It remains to write the good readme.
Corrected and accelerated the script. Now you can edit selected polygons . Added a few iterations for best results. I added a separate function for morphing bodies. (Vertices must match perfectly)
Add Beta version.
two object verified - check is not performed - this message means that the script did not do anything. (Function not implemented). Do not pay attention.

Most likely I stop working on a script for a while. I'll test it and create new armor and clothing. Write your wishes.
Uploaded a new version. Now the script works a little better.
If the first run script morphing do not happens - convert object after morphing into editable poly
The script is designed for automatic morphing model_0 to model_1.
in 3DS max pick MaxSkript \ run script ... and select
See screenshot how to get the morphing model 1
in the alpha version only 0 to 1
This is an alpha version. Do not expect much success. I'm wondering how this script you need.