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A complete overhaul of Skyrim's ships, replacing vanilla boats with realistic, high-quality & lore-friendly meshes and textures.

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It's finally here! Unlike my previous resources files, this mod implements my Nord ship meshes into the game as many of you have asked. N.B. in progress - shipwrecks, animations, LOD & interiors not covered... yet.

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Thanks to those sharp-eyed bug spotters among you. Update 1.2a has removed all troublesome navmesh edits - so bugs users were experiencing should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience! Thanks especially to Hannes821 for his invaluable assistance too. Please check out the fantastic work he and his team at Beyond Skyrim: Atmora are doing here and on the community discord (linked below).

Dawnguard and navmesh support coming soon in v 1.2b.

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Ever thought that the vanilla, banana-boat-meets-Noah's-arc ship models were unrealistic or unbefitting of the ancient seafaring Nord culture? This model set aims to replace the vanilla boat meshes with my own set of original, lore-friendly ship and boat models to Skyrim.

These ships are directly inspired by the Viking cultures the Nords reference, and are a living link to the long-lost seafaring traditions of Atmora.

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All ships in the game have been replaced except the Katariah (which I hope to do someday...). This is STEP ONE of an in-progress mod which means that several features are not complete.  If you encounter any bugs or issues using the mod please let me know.

STEP ONE: Replace all ship meshes in the game and integrate into world.

Status: COMPLETE as far as I can tell. N.B. Shipwreck meshes are not included YET.  (Of the 93 rowboats in the game + DLC there may be one or two in Wilderness cells that have slipped through the net. Please let me know if you find any and I can update these!)

STEP TWO: Navmesh all replaced ships so that NPCs can crew their shiny new vessels.

Status: UNDERWAY with Raven Rock, Windhelm, Solitude & Dainty Sload completed so far. Should be compatible with Solstheim fast-travel afaik.

UPDATE 1.2a has removed all navmesh edits to fix ctd issues some users were experiencing. New navmesh edits be added in 1.2b that will not have this issue.

STEP THREE: Bug fixing time! Let me know of any compatibility issues or things like half-sunk rowboats...

Status: UNDERWAY with USLEEP now included for adding some bedrolls to the longship in Dawnstar for some odd reason....

Address items & features that have not been replaced, namely interiors, animated boats (these are static atm) & shipwreck meshes. I'll also work on patching other mods to better support compatibility. Status: NOT IMPLEMENTED as yet. This will happen in time, so please be patient!

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I've separated out the file into a main file which is for Skyrim + Dragonborn only (at this stage Skyrim-only is not supported, sorry), and subsequent patches for Dawnguard + USLEEP.  Please install in that order (i.e. Nord ship replacers>Dawnguard Patch>USLEEP patch).  Further patches for other mods will become available as per the steps above.

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The Ships
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  • "Nord Rowboat."  Designed to replace the vanilla rowing boat. Similar dimensions but much more  reflective of the Viking-esque boatbuilding cultures the Nords are based on. Darker realistic wood & rivet textures and no silly pointy ends!
  • "Nord tradeship." Open-air, multipurpose trade/fishing/cargo/raiding ship designed to replace the longboats found in Skyrim. Smaller dimensions - similar to Viking "knarr" ships. Beached/out-of-water variant included in CK but not implemented just yet.
  • "Nord greatship." Though I think the largest ships found in Skyrim are far too big for their style, this "greatship" has been designed as an descendant of the Jorrvaskr ship, and designed with same scale as such ships as the "Danty Sload" and "Red Wave."  A mighty four-deck ship; special enough to have just one or two of these in the entire game. And no silly double-masts too close to each other!
  • Please note that all of these meshes include the option to have ships with their sails up - for anyone to implement if you wish. You will need to create a couple of quick and easy texture sets (see how-to in readme).

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Beyond Skyrim
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I'm stoked to announce that these files have been completed in aid of adding resources to the Beyond Skyrim: Atmora and Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea projects, where they will be used across those provinces and beyond.  Please note though that if you see my models used there, some textures and mesh elements are Beyond Skyrim-only (such as flags, shields, banners etc.), and as such are not free for use, and not included here.

If you think these humble textures & meshes are worthy of your attention you should definitely check out the great work that's going on at Beyond Skyrim - website + community discord.

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The contents of this pack are designed for anybody to use for their own not-for-profit Skyrim and SkyrimSE mods.  You may use all or any parts of these files in mods of your own, but ONLY with my permission. You may not use these models if you do not credit me as author, or distribute them (redirect here, please), or use them in any way for financial gain.

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Recommended mods
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DK's Nord ship texture replacers - replaces all vanilla ship textures with my own. Shipwrecks & interiors now match (N.B. I've just included this as an optional file with this mod too).

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more of my work across other Beyond Skyrim provinces!