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Dies ist nur eine kleine Übersetzung der Mod von Gutbusters. Ich danke ihm für die Erlaubnis.


Die Mod ermöglicht es dem Spieler, die Main Quest mit den Klingen an ihrer Seite zu beenden, ohne Paarthunax zu töten.

Zitat aus dem Scharesoft Forum:
Hi es gibt was Neues und zwar hab ich ein neues Spiel begonnen und den P. fix - die Version vom steam-workshop - von Anfang an aktiviert und in der tat wurde der Quest "töte p." beendet und man muss ihn nicht mehr töten und kann trotzdem bei den Klingen mitmachen also denk ich mal, dass es andem Aktivierungszeitpunkt liegt.

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Original Readme:

:::::SPOILER WARNING::::: I can't really explain this mod without some minor spoilers from the Main Questline, you have been warned. Also I got quite a few complaints about the name of the mod being a spoiler, I deeply apologize, and have changed it to something I hope is more subtle.

Allows player to continue the main quest with the blades still on your side, without needing to kill Paarthurnax.

Simply drag and drop the esp into your \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data folder, and then click the check-box in NMM or the Skyrim launcher data tab.



- All dialogue options related to Paarth quest should now be properly gone after completion of quest
- Journal should update properly, going into finished quest catagory with new Quest summary if you want to look at it
- Everything should be working fine now - except for Arneir's dialogue option for finding new words of power, having some trouble getting that to work - I plan to try to fix that this weekend
- I also plan to work on getting the blades response dialogue working this weekend too


A simple mod that give players a dialogue option to essentially skip the quest where the Blades demand you kill Paarthurnax. When Esbern or Delphine gives you the ultimatum, a new dialogue should be at the bottom of the list. Click on it and the quest gets skipped, Blades are still your devoted protectors, Greybeards still think you're an awesome savior, and Paarthurnax lives on.

This whole quest really pissed me off. First, where do the blades get off telling me to do anything. They are supposed to be the player's sworn servants and protectors. And by the point they asked me to kill old Parthy, we were best buds. Not to mention he'd been mentoring me and generally being a lot more helpful than the blades ever were.

But for those like me that just want everyone to be friends, this mod allows you to do that.

Any problems let me know in a comment. Thanks and enjoy!



The actual dialogue is:
"That is not your decision. You are sworn to follow me, and obey my orders."

I also added a response for them to say, but I haven't gotten the delay working. I'm going to try to get that working in the next few days.

", you're right. Forgive us, in our zeal we forgot ourselves. It is of course your decision."
The initial dialogue is woven into the quest, so it won't appear in the first dialogue, Elbern will say we have discovered who paarthurnax really is ask what do you mean?....he says parth must die...and then you get this new option.


Future Plans:
Half the reason I made this mod, is because I want to make a follow up mod that expands the Blades faction. You would have to have finished the MQ, since the blades are woven into the main questline too deeply for anything else. But eventually I want to allow the player to be able to restore the blades to a measure fo their former power. Adding more recruits, upgrading and improving the Sky Haven Temple, etc...

As a side product of this, the Thalmor faction would have to be expanded and made significantly more powerful. Since they quite strongly hate the blades according to the Thalmor lore in the game. So a conflict would arise with the Thalmor attempting to stamp out the blades before they can get strong again.