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Gives the Daedric Shrine locations in the world of Skyrim functioning shrines, providing Divine Blessings from the Daedric Gods that did not offer them before, as well as adding additional content throughout the various shrine locations to increase immersion.

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Most of the liturgical and religious locations in Skyrim boast a proper shrine to complement their respective deity and
facilitate communion, however if you happen to be a Daedric Lord or a Deity classified as Daedra your shrine location in Skyrim is going to be missing a proper shrine. As you travel the province of Skyrim you can find a plethora of shrine locations, but only if that location is in veneration of an Aedric god will there be a proper shrine. Out of all of the Daedric gods in Skyrim only one, Nocturnal, has a shrine that actually functions. All of the other shrines apart from Nocturnal do not work or are conspicuously missing. Daedric Shrines attempts to remedy this by making the shrines in these locations functional, or in other cases by adding the missing shrines into these locations. Additionally, In some carefully chosen cases Daedric Shrines also adds additional content that is appropriate for the respective deity to these locations as well, including new quests and expanded locations. The new content has been allocated to already existing shrine locations, i.e. no new shrine locations have been added*, making compatibility an unlikely concern and hopefully providing a more immersive atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining universal consistency.



Shrine of Azura (In Skyrim)
Shrine of Boethiah (In Skyrim)
Shrine of Mephala (In Skyrim)
Shrine of Clavicus Vile
Shrine of Namira
Shrine of Meridia
Shrine of Malacath
Shrine of Peryite
Shrine of Vaermina
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
Shrine of Hircine
Shrine of Hermaeus Mora
Shrine of Molag Bal

Shrine of Azura - Adds missing Shrine of Azura to location
Sacellum of Boethiah - Adds missing Shrine of Boethiah to location
New Gnisis Cornerclub - Adds new Shrine of Mephala to location
Haemar's Shame - Adds missing Shrine of Clavicus Vile to location
Reachcliff Cave - Adds Shrine of Namira to location
Kilkreath Catacombs - Adds Shrine of Meridia to location
Kilkreath Temple - Adds Shrine of Meridia to location
Giants Grove - Adds missing Shrine of Malacath to location
Shrine of Peryite - Adds missing Shrine of Peryite to location
Bthardamz - Adds Shrine of Peryite to location
Nightcaller Temple - Adds missing Shrine of Vaermina to location
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon - Adds missing Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon to location
Snowclad Ruins - Adds missing Shrine of Hircine to location
Glenmoril Coven - Adds missing Shrine of Hircine to location
Temple of Miraak - Adds Shrine of Hermaeus Mora to location
Abandoned House - Adds Shrine of Molag Bal to location

Volkihar Castle - Adds Shrine of Molag Bal to location


New shrines act and behave exactly like vanilla shrines do, providing seamless integration into the world. They cure disease and confer a unique blessing relative to their associated deity. New shrine blessings are different but on par with the vanilla shrine blessings. No new locations have been added*, simply all of the default shrine locations in Skyrim that have shrines that don't work have now been made functional, and shrine locations that were missing proper shrines have been given them.

Shrine of Clavicus Vile: Speechcraft improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Namira: Conjuration spells improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Meridia: Restoration spells improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Malacath: Two-Handed weapons do additional damage for 8 hours.

Shrine of Peryite: Immune to Disease for 8 hours.

Shrine of Vaermina: Illusion spells improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon: Destruction Spells improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Mephala* : Missile Weapons do 10% more damage for 8 hours.

Shrine of Hircine: Stamina Regenerates 10% faster for 8 hours.

Shrine of Hermaeus Mora: Alteration Spells improved by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Molag Bal: Sneak skill is improved by 10% for 8 hours.

* The Shrine of Mephala has been changed. Instead of the default blessing of improved barter which is already available
in 2 other shrines, the Blessing of Mephala now improves Archery damage by 10% for 8 hours.

Shrine of Azura: Default Dunmer style shrine.

  Shrine of Azura:  Available anytime.

Shrine of Boethiah: Default Dunmer style shrine.

  Sacellum of Boethiah: 
Available anytime.

Shrine of Mephala: Default Dunmer style shrine.

  New Gnisis Cornerclub: Available anytime.

Shrine of Clavicus Vile:
The statue of Vile is the shrine.

   Haemar's Shame:  Before starting the quest "A Daedra's Best Friend," activating the shrine/statue will confer Clavicus' Blessing. During the quest when Barbus is away, activating the Shrine will put you in direct communion with Clavicus Vile, who will talk with you but no Blessing is given. After completion of the quest, the shrine will again confer its Blessing when activated.

Shrine of Namira: New shrine style.

   Reachcliff Cave:  Available after the quest "The Taste of Death" has been completed.

Shine of Meridia: New
shrine style.

   Kilkreath Temple:  Before and during the quest "The Break of Dawn," the shrine is located in the bowels of Kilkreath Catacombs in the control of Malkoran, so it can initially only be accessed at the end of the quest when you reach Malkoran. After completion of the quest "The Break of Dawn," a new quest, "The Rise of Dawn" will then be initiated after which the altar and shrine will be re-sanctified and relocated to Kilkreath Temple. From that point on the shrine can then be accessed at its new location in Kilkreath Temple at any time.

Shrine of Malacath: The statue/shrine is the shrine.

   Giant's Grove:  Available anytime after the start of the quest "The Cursed Tribe."

Shrine of Peryite: Unique new Dunmer style shrine.

  Shrine of Peryite: 
Available anytime.

  Bthardamz:  Available anytime.

Shrine of Vaermina: Unique new Dunmer style shrine.

   Nightcaller Temple:  The Shrine of Vaermina in the entry area of Nightcaller Temple is available anytime, however it has been damaged by the raiding orc party and time. The secondary, undamaged interior Shrine of Vaermina is available anytime after entry is obtained to the interior of Nightcaller Temple by Erandur.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon: New shrine style.

   Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon:  Available only after the quest "Pieces of the Past" has been initiated. Before that time the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon is locked and inaccessible. After the quest the shrine is available anytime.

Shrine of Hircine: The shrine\altar is the shrine.

   Glenmoril Coven:  Available anytime.

   Snowclad Ruins:  Available anytime.

Shrine of Hermaeus Mora: The statue/shrine is the shrine.

Temple of Miraak:  Available anytime.

Shrine of Molag Bal: Unique new Shrine/Fountain Shrine
  Abandoned House:  Available anytime.

 Volkihar East Tower: Available anytime.

  Volkihar Castle:  The blood fountain shrine is the shrine. Upon activation the player will also drink the blood from the 
                            fountain. Available anytime after access has been obtained to Volkihar Castle. 

New content has been added to several locations including Bthardamz, Nightcaller Temple, and most of the other shrine locations in Daedric Shrines, and in certain instances such as with Kilkreath Temple**, the shrine location has been vastly expanded. The content that has been added has been added with very careful consideration to ensure that consistency and an unmodified feel has been maintained, while simultaneously increasing immersion.
In addition, other content has also been added in certain instances such as religious icons and paraphernalia, religious banners, holy books, altars, etc. All items and objects have been added seamlessly into the world, and offer no conflicts with either navmeshing, NPCs, or quests. To compliment the new content, new quests have also been added.***

*As was previously stated, no new shrine locations have been added; that is with the exception of the New Gnisis Cornerclub, which now has a Shrine of Mephala at that location. The New Gnisis Cornerclub has been expanded and now has a basement area which contains the new secret Shrine of Mephala, providing the authorized local Dunmer inhabitants of the Grey Quarter with a religious focal point.

**Kilkreath Temple will become cleaned up and repaired after the quest "The Rise of Dawn' has been completed, and the exiled priests of Meridia will return. The priests of Meridia will live and complete their daily routines inside the temple,  and offer their services as well. There is a Restoration trainer and an apothecary available to the player. There are sleeping and dining areas, as well as safe storage available. The enemies inside the temple will no longer respawn.

***A version that does not contain any added quests and limits the added content is also available. This version is the same as the main file, but has no new quests and no expansion of Kilkreath Temple. Kilkreath Temple does not get cleaned up at any point in this version, nor are there any new or added areas to Kilkreath Temple. The purpose of this version is to provide a more vanilla style option for anyone who wants to have the improvements offered by the shrines and at the same time keep as much of the game as possible unmodified.


The Dunmer style shrines introduced in the Dragonborn DLC have been given upgraded and enhanced textures by Daedric Shrines, replacing the original low resolution textures with high resolution ones that have significantly improved artwork depictions. These improvements to the Dragonborn shrines encompass all of the Dragonborn shrines in the game world, including Solstheim.

The new shrine of Azura:

The new Shrine of Boethiah:

The new Shrine of Mephala:

Daedric Shrines is safe to install at any time. Thanks to all the supporters.


Skyrim Legendary Edition


Copy the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim\Data folder, or use the Mod Manager of your choice.



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