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Cursed Child's Dolls are a type of Poltergeist, in common sense Poltergeists are an artificial type of half-independent entity created unconsciously by sentient mortal beings, as a response to feelings like fear or anger. They commonly possess objects and corrupt them, in this case they turned dolls into bloody killer toys.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Cursed Child's Dolls are a type of Poltergeist, an artificial type of spiritual entity created unconsciously by sentient mortal beings (alive or not), as a response to feelings like fear, anger or sadness. This spiritual formation can be sentient, semi-sentient or non-sentient. In the first case, the artificial creature has independence of thought and feeling, on the second case despite having some independence of mind, it's still controlled by who created it, in a conscious or subconscious way, and in the last case its just a remote extension of the creator, like a puppet.

There are thought-forms that have become so strong that can produce effects on the physical world, as sounds, images, or also animating objects. Although the similarities, they differ from Living Nightmares, uncorporeal daedras aligned to Vaermina that are attracted and materialize themselves using that same mentioned thought forms, because this Living Nightmares are much stronger than simple poltergeists, have daedric origin, and have existence and sentience prior to the thought-forms creation. So, they are completely different things, and while Living Nightmares commonly take the form of material archetypes (the thought-form themselves materialized), poltergeists are simplier and just animate things (commonly) or make that thought-forms have some phisical effects, for example making a chair move, a light that flashes in the woods or a scary sound in a dungeon, to scare invaders, and so on they are obviously, in most cases, much weaker than Living Nightmares, and allways much less independent and smart.

While possessing a object, Poltergeists can corrupt it, making it look more similar to the kinda of feeling or thought who originated the creation of that specific poltergeist, this commonly is not that dangerous, but specially strong poltergeits can do terrible things comparable to feats from Living Nightmares, for example transforming a simple dead tree, in a scary tree monster, that haunts the forest.

When the subconscious of the creator is specially powerfull or problematic, and in most case both, they can make them materialize themselves directly using the thought forms as base to formulate their phisical bodies, in a similar way to the Living Nightmares, but differently from this last ones, its a temporary state and they soon fade into the uncorporeal state, while Living Nightmares commonly retain their forms due to various factors, as mentioned already in specific mod pages that feature this kind of beings.

Sometimes, like in the case of that mod, the poltergeits are taking the form of a memory of the little girl's doll, and not animating directly an object, but a distorted thought form of it, created by the dead girl to represent the dolls as an element capable to protect her. She was particularly powerfull on her magic inner potential, so this is the main reason for that kinda of solid creation.

 The tragedy on Frostflow Lighthouse was terrible, all the redguard family there was murdered by chaurus. One of the children was Zariannah, a cute and sweet redguard girl but with inate unexplored psychic and magical gifts. She died in the claws of a chaurus holding her doll, and after that her ghost remained in the lighthouse. You also can find her skeleton with the doll on her room. After that, scared and does not understaning what happened, she started to unconsciously shape tought-forms to protect her in the form of her past doll she loved so much. Because her amazing inate skills and magical powers she unsconsciously have created a little army of bloodlusty killer dolls that will start to solidificate in the area when Zariannah finds herself in danger. Groups of thieves and bandits tried to invade the lighthouse across the months, but all perished to the knifes of the dolls created by Zariannah. You will find their bodies on the ground, covered by blood, blood that now also covers the dolls and their sharp knives. 

As a reflection of the girl's subconscious, the dolls sing a macabre song heard by Zariannah when she was very young, and which deeply marked her subconscious in relation to death and decay, a process she could witness taking place in her own corpse.



both Zariannah and the dolls are invulnerable. You must find Zariannah's skeleton,
remove the doll from its arms, and so both Zariannah and her bloody creations will
break the bond of contact with the place, if perhaps only temporarily. Using the doll
yourself you can obtain the power to summon small armies of these assassin dolls,
1 time per day, for 2 minutes, under the Powers category

- 1 new creature- Cursed Child's Doll, with new effects, songs, behaviour

- 1 new hostile npc- the ghost of the redguard child Zariannah

-1 new power to summon a little army of dolls 1 time per day

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- re-modelling of the vanilla Child's Doll used as base to this
creature, textures, animation, effects, spells, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

music "The Hearse Song" with author unknown (from the time of 1st World War)
and performed by MissShadowLovely on her channel