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A picture per page for leisure reading.

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A very lore unfriendly mod.  No benfit to the game play.  A very silly mod. 

SSE version available

What is this

  • A simple book contains 48 pages of a picture per page. One is located in the Breezehome, and another can be purchased from Riverwood trader Lucan. Two landscape layout Sketchbooks can be purchased from Riverwood trader Lucan for 2400 gold each.
  • Each page can be replaced using your own picture.
  • The picture format must be in PNG or the game will CTD or you'll see this 'missing' image
  • If your picture format is not PNG, please use MSPaint or GIMP to load and save it as the PNG format.  Renaming the file extension to .png will result with the "missing" image page.
  • The picture size should be 713x1080 layout or higher, and no less than 310x471. The layout calculation is X = Y * 0.66 or Y = X / 0.66.  
  • The Sketch book will let you view a landscape formatted picture.  A 16x9 picture  (1920x1080) be rotated 90 degree clockwise, and save it as the PNG format.
  • Each picture book has its own cover, and you can replace the texture with your own or from a book cover mod.  Place the texture files to the textures/clutter/books directory with the following file names.
  • "1 Picture Book of Skyrim"
  • "2 Picture Book of Skyrim"

This mod has the Skysan_PictureBook.ini file for the following book brightness configuration, and you no loner need them in the Skyrim.ini file.  It also has the book zoom configration.  Without this configuration, the picture will look too bright and washed out.  You can adjust this file to your preference.

For the 21x9 screen format such as 2560x1080, fBookLight2Radius=250 worked on my Skyrim.

The book has only 2 pages of pictures, so please add more of your own pictures to the following directory.
Data/Textures/clutter/books/skysan_book for "1 Picture Book of Skyrim"
Data/Textures/clutter/books/skysan_book/1 for "2 Picture Book of Skyrim"
Data/Textures/clutter/books/skysan_book/sk for "1 Sketch Book of Skyrim"
Data/Textures/clutter/books/skysan_book/sk/1 for "2 Sketch Book of Skyrim"

If you are using the Mod Organizer mod, you will need to locate the player profile location MO is keeping this mod's loose files.
If you are having difficulty in locating the player profile location, you can use the following install method if you know how to use 7Zip or another zip app.
  1. Open this mod downloaded file with 7Zip.
  2. Navigate to the Main/textures/clutter/books/skysan_book directory in the 7Zip window.
  3. Drop your files to replace this mod pictures.
  4. 7Zip will update, or save the file if the zip app did not update automatically.
  5. Install this mod again using NMM or Mod Organizer.

The file name is numbered, and the most pages are blank for you to populate your own favorite pictures.

The book is located in the Whiterun Breezehome by the entry door on the floor.