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Adds a standalone, customizable, Ningheim bosmer follower to Skyrim. Aleria's a capable combat mage with a particular grudge against dragon priests. Two outfit and hair options each.

Permissions and credits
Aleria Ivywing

Adds a standalone and customizable follower, Aleria (née Alaliē) Ivywing. You can find her in Shor's Stone, inside Sylgja's house. She's a capable combat mage with a particular grudge against Dragon Priests.
Did I say customizable? I did! Two outfits and two hairstyles are available for you to choose from. I've also customized her normal map for a unique look. It's custom all the way down!

How to install

Aleria comes with an installer; so use a mod manager. NMM or MO. Select one hair and one outfit option and install. Tested with Mod Organizer. You're on your own for manual install.
Note: Want to change her look later? Fully uninstall the mod and save your game, then reinstall it after. Make sure to take back anything you've given her first!

Boring details

Race: Ningheim (Bosmer)
Gender: Female
Class: Angry Wizard (actually CombatMageElemental)
Body type: UNPCM
Location: Shor's Stone, Sylgja's House
Note: You may have to wait until daytime for Sylgja to unlock her house. If  all else fails, type "coc ShorsStoneSylgjasHouse" without quotes in the  console ... ya cheater ;)

She'll fight with just about anything - By default she has an array of destruction magic, magic staffs, and a dagger just in case. She hits reasonably hard but can't sustain her magical attacks for long. Good in short fights, not in sustained ones. No one-shotting a dragon here or anything.

Incredibly relevant backstory
(I'm lying)

In Sun's Dusk 1E139, the Dragon Cult monastery of Forelhost was discovered and besieged by Skorm Snow-Strider. Skorm, under the direction of High King Harald, was bound and determined to capture the monastery as quickly as possible. Although the cultists managed to hold off the sieging forces for many weeks, several members knew their situation was hopeless. Rahgot, the Dragon Priest, planned to survive the attack at the cost of his cult followers: Their mass suicide would sustain both him and his magic barrier despite Skorm's voice master managing to breach the walls.

Two cultists recognized what would happen and desperately tried to find some way to avert the coming slaughter. Skilled in the arts of mysticism and motivated by the certainty of impending death, they took it upon themselves to encase their daughter, Alaliē, in a stasis spell - a last attempt to save one life. Motivated by love and worry in equal measure, and willing to trample on any ethical boundary, they finally completed the spell. A giant flash of light and their daughter was gone - alive, they hoped. Displaced in time enough to survive the destruction of the dragon cult, they hoped. Capable of surviving wherever she ended up, they knew.

Rahgot's rage was considerable - he wanted that magical power for his own ends, and as a result they were the first two to die, and die painfully. Their bodies would be the first two corpses found when Skorm's forces broke into the fortress on the 5th of Morning Star, 1E140.

Alaliē found herself awakened in a smoking crater, later determined to be in 4E 179, with only her clothes, a hastily penned note, and a dagger. Suddenly awake in a much different Skyrim than the one she'd left, her first goal was survival - and she excelled. Calling herself Aleria, she's spent twenty-two years learning her history, honing her considerable magical talent, and most of all, learning to hate the corrosive poison that was the dragon cult.

For the last couple years, she's stayed in Shor's Stone with Sylgja, working in Redbelly Mine to make ends meet. When all of Skyrim heard the Greybeards shout announcing the last Dragonborn, she met Sylgja's eyes, went to her closet and grabbed her things. If she knew anything from what she'd learned about the intervening three eras of history, she knew the cry Dovahkiin meant great change ... and that they could use her help.

Credits and Permissions

Thanks to everyone who's helped me with this and my previous mod; hopefully I made new mistakes instead of repeating old ones.

Thanks to Skyla for their standalone follower template and guide. Great guide; made this process painless.

Like many mod authors, I couldn't have done this without many other mods and mod author's time and hard work. Specifically,

Aleria's normal map is a modified version of hellosanta's SG Textures normal map with overlay resources from Halofarm.

Many thanks to nyrb's FOMOD scripting guide, available on the New Vegas Nexus and the example installer on the version of the guide hosted on Skyrim Nexus. I couldn't have done the installer without them both.

Aleria's outfit is made from several of Lind's outfits by the talented Lind001/Lind's Workshop. If you want to customize what she wears, download any/all of these and make your own outfit combination! UNPCM meshes are available on these pages as optional downloads.

Optional Mods
In my screenshots Aleria uses Northborn Scars.

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