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Added: 10/02/2012 - 07:18PM
Updated: 24/02/2012 - 02:43AM

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Last updated at 2:43, 24 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 19:18, 10 Feb 2012

Adds an enchanting table, a storage room and tweaks a few lights in Whiterun Breezehome.

Speak to Proventus Avenicci at Dragonsreach to purchase the Storage Room Upgrade. If the purchase option doesnt show speak to Aldor Sventon in Dragonsreach. If he fails there is a failsafe lever on the balcony to activate the storage room.

The enchanting table is linked to the purchase of the Alchemy Lab furniture set, so if you haven't purchased that the enchanting table will not show up.

-If you have anything stored on the table the enchanting board goes on there will be clipping issues and your stuff will most likely go flying.

-The shield and crossed swords above the players bed may not move correctly to match up with the display plaque. Just pick them up and then equip them and click on each of the 3 parts of the plaque to re-display them

-If the bookshelves don't function correctly exit the house and re-enter they should work

- If you find any bugs please post them in the comments section

Known Conflicts:
- Breezehome Balcony
- Breezehome Extra Storage (slight clipping issue with one of the chests)
- Any mod that adds dynamic lights to Breezehome (will cause the lights to flicker)

Bug Log:
- Companions and NPC's will not exit the house
- Mannequin stands in livingroom
- Upgrade purchase option not available from Proventus
** All known bugs should be resolved by the Revision 5 update please let me know if any new bugs pop up.

Change Log:

V 1.1
Fixes the top step of the stairs to make getting stuck much less likely.
Adds some more wall lights upstairs and added / tweaked some more lights in the house

V 2.0
Added a Storage Room at the back of the master bedroom with 2 bookshelves, a war chest, a weapon rack and a mannequin. Speak to Proventus Avenicci at Dragonsreach to purchase the upgrade

V 2.1
Removed the navmesh from Breezehome, so now companions and NPC's will not follow the player inside and get stuck (If your companion was in Breezehome and has dissapeared after the update just fast travel to any location and they should be by your side and not follow you back into Breezehome)

V 2.2
Added back in the navmesh to Breezehome. Followers, Spouced and NPC's should all be able to enter and exit the house correctly now.
Rotated Lydia's bed so she no longer clipps into the roof when getting up.
For those who were unable to purchase the upgrade from Proventus, added a secondary purchase option to a new NPC called Aldor Sventon located in Dragonsreach. If Aldor "sells" you the upgrade but doesnt remove the 800 gold, added a pullbar on the western balcony of the great hall in Dragonsreach just inside the door on the bottom (see pic) that should activate the Storage room if all other upgrade options fail.

Special thanks to: Pegasus442 and Rovian for assistance in testing the new version