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With this mod no vanilla spell emits light while unseathed on your hands so you'd be able to play a sneaky wizzard alongside other sneak AI altering mods without feeling underpowered.
Compatible with Invested Magic - a better magic paradigm, Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim and Mysticism - the Lost Art.

Permissions and credits

With this mod no vanilla spell emits light while unseathed on your hands so you'd be able to play a sneaky wizzard alongside other sneak AI altering mods without feeling underpowered. If used with vanilla detection you may be overpowered.

The spells WILL EMIT LIGHT WHEN YOU CAST THEM. They just won't while you are wandering around with them unseathed. Now you can take good aim before revealing your position with your epic fireball. Also you don't need anymore to spam the "r" 'till it breaks while playing an sneaky wizzard. Win/Win in my opinion.


Simple. I used TES5Edit with Automation Tools by matortheeternal (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49373/?) and changed in every single Magic Effect record of Casting Light to "NULL - Reference null [00000000]".


Since this mod change records in spells it will probably be incompatible with any other mod that change records in spells. Nothing will break. Simply whichever load last will win. So if you load my mod before others, the spells they change will give light again. If you load mine after, since it changes EVERY spell in game, their mod won't work. If their mod is scripted... then I wouldn't recomend you using mine unless it is one of the very few I've made compatibility for. Read installation for further instructions.

I've made compatible replacers for Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16225/?), Mysticism - The Lost Art (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77170/?) and Invested Magic - a better magic paradigm (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11397/?). Read INSTALLATION and search for them in optional files.

I've got compatible files for Lost Grimoire (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60796/?) but until someone grants me permission to upload them, I won't.


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp


They are just '.esp' files so as you wish use NMM or manual installation.

Regarding compatibilities, my files ARE REPLACERS. That means YOU CAN'T use my mod and the original. If you want no light in your spells use mine. If you do... why are you still reading this? My versions from their files are the ones they have for today (20/10/2017). If an update comes from their side, you'll have to chose. Read the Possible FAQ bellow. You still need the resources from their mod, so, download and install them, then overwrite their .esp's and .bsa's with mine.


I'm a writter who lives on writting. Can you read spanish? Do you like zombis? Then visit my blog in which I freely release my novel, you'll enjoy it ;):

Possible FAQ:

Q: Is this compatible with...?

Q: Will this mod break...?
A: This mod wildly changes any instance on the Magic Effects tab from any vanilla game record (and those from the affected mods if you use my replacers) refering Casting Light to a null reference. As far as I've researched, that only affects the light effect the spell has while unseathed. AS FAR AS I'VE RESEARCHED. So... if the game or a mod relies on that for something, that which relied o it will be broken. That can mean something you will never notice to instant CTD. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: This mod killed my firstborn!!!

Q: Could you do this or that, or make this compatible with...?
A: Thank you for your polite request but... I'm no modder. I'm busy in real life and use all my spare time to enjoy things I like, as Skyrim. This is my first mod and maybe my last. If I've made it is just because I really needed it myself and I found no other mod doing this. It is not polished, it is not complex and probably it is dirty. They are the file I'll be using. If I make changes to it, I'll upload them, but I'm egoistic and will not care about anybody else. Sorry.

Q: May be a no-dlc version...? :(
A: I'm sorry :(

Q: Is it compatible with Immersive Spells and Lights - Spells emit light??
A: What?? Ain't that an stupid question? Well... may be... not? Read the next question...

Q: Any future plans?
A: Should I get drunken enough to work on this again... I'd like to see some spells emitting light in my games. Just a few. So... may be... I'd go trying to understand how Immersive Spells and Lights - Spells emit light (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39759/?) works and add it's effects to a few selected spells from vanilla and the mods I've tweaked. And if I get the permission to upload such a ravaged files, I'll add them to this mod page. BUT probably you'd have better luck asking in that mod page for someone or the author doing it than waiting for me to do it.

Q: But that mod hasn't been updated since 2013...
A: As I told you... you'd have better luck asking there...

Q: Then should I use Immersive Lights or your's???
A: IMMERSIVE LIGHTS!! That is a good mod. Mine is an unexperienced and unimmersive mod. Should you need my mod, you'd know you need it.

A: The thing I love most of skyrim is immersion. The thing I love most of videogames is playability. I'm sorry, I installed videogames over Skyrim in my brain so it's files overwrote Skyrim's. (BUT, and I'm not starting a discussion here. Is it really immersive having to wander around with a shinny fireball before beeing able to launch it??).

Q: You should just git gud, damn loser newbie!!
A: Let's play Soul Calibur and I'll teach you the meaning of GIT GUD ;)

Q: I hate you and I'm going to show you in the comments!!!
A: I'll tell you something. Because of my oversized vanity, I'll check the comments section within the next one or two weaks seeking someone who liked my mod. Afterwards I will completly forget I even posted this. So if you want me to read you, better be hurry ^^

A: But my spanish is awesome ^^

Q: Could you Merge this and that esp in a single mod?
A: Yes I could.

Q: You haven't...
A: No I haven't.

Q: Don't you think advertising your self in a totally unrelated mod here is a bit cheap?
A: Yes I do (:

Q: Isn't your mod's name a copy of Immersive Lights...
A: No, it is a joke, since mine does the oposite to that.

Q: Don't you think that making a FAQ filled with stupid questions when so many good mod authors has alredy done it is plagiarism?
A: Yes I do :)

Q: Don't you think that in 2017 making a mod page with no cozy arts, just plain text, is a bit under the standarts?
A: Do you know how much I actually care about people downloading my file? I've downloaded around 500 mods from other people, so I felt that if I made one I was ethically oblied to upload mine.

Q: Aren't you tired of writting this FAQ?
A: Yes I am.


Do whatever you want with my main file. For the optionals, check original mod author's permissions...


Arthmoor since my mod carries USLEEP fixes to spells.
EnaiSiaion since my apocalypse patch is an edit to his mod.
NineInchNall since my invested magic patch is an edit to his mod.
bluedanieru since my mysticism patch is an edit to his mod.
steelfeathers since my lost grimoire patch is an edit to his mod.
OlivierDoorenbos since his AI mod is the reason I had to do mine (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74355/?)