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High quality food model and texture replacements.

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All my models and textures are done for the wonderful

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Immersive Tomato
- Was bored of doing so many weapons so decided to do this as couldn't find a good model and texture for the ingame tomato. Most mods add textures only and they don't look very well so i also decided to do my own mesh. Check the pictures so you know how it will look beforehand.

Alt textures > I don't know, maybe it's me but after a while i found the original textures a bit bland and the tomato looked like plastic, so decided to add a bit of texture and color variation and liked it, but still if you prefer the original you can keep them.

Immersive Dumpling - replaces the dumpling mesh and textures for the dumpling. Like that empanada gringo ;)

Immersive boiled cream treat
- Replaces the mesh and textures for the cream treat for a more farmer-looking candy.

Immersive Raw and cooked Beef - Replaces the raw and cooked beef models and textures for an actual eatable piece of meat. Also added a darker/roasted alternative texture for the cooked beef.

Immersive Potatoes - Replaces the mesh and textures for the potato. Also added an alternative mesh with half detail in case potatoes get so much alive that they start attacking the player causing CTD's.

Immersive Cheese - Replaces the models and textures for the cheese.