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This will change first person parrying for melee weapon and add stabbing bash

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This will replace first person parry animation for all melee weapon, onehanded, twohanded and dual wield. Unlike vanilla this mod will make player do 3 variation of parrying moves while blocking, except dual wield. This will enhances the feels that we deflect incoming attack and push it away instead of taking the hit willingly. Also feels like enemy really "chasing" you, not targeting same exact point of player weapon all the time. This mod also change block bash and power bash for onehanded, dual wield and greatsword with stabbing moves, requires Power Bash perk skill tree. Stabbing bash for onehanded and dual wield separated in its own folder because vanilla shared this animation with mace and axe.

NMM Installer folder info:

00 All except dual wield
Corection, it should be all except dual wield and bash
01 Onehanded
Only onehanded parrying. Sword animation shared with mace and axe.
02 Greatsword
Only greatsword parrying
03 Battleaxe
Only Battleaxe parrying. Animation shared with Warhammer.
04 Dual wield
Only Dual wield parrying. Requirements Dual Wield Parrying mod. Link in description below.
05 Stab bash for Onehanded, Greatsword and Dual Wield
Replaces power bash animation (requires Power Bash perk skill tree) with stabbing moves.

Onehanded parry animation also shared with dagger; 1hm on right hand and magic cast on left hand; and h2h - Unarmed (if you have Dual Wield Parrying mod)

Installation NMM
or drag & drop to your data folder
Please double check your download file is it correctly placed in destination folder
Usually it wont leave a mark on game if uninstalled like esp or scripts
I hope all works fine please comment if theres bug or anything

Mods used in video/screenshot
Legerity - Morgynn Ashcroft's Swordby Billyro and Darkrogue21
Dunmeri Leaf Swordsby Billyro
Slick Onehanded Animationby 5poiler
Review Studio With Green Screen Roomsby KahjiitRaj

Available for Skyrim Special Edition

For dual wield to work you must have requirements Dual Wield Parrying

My mod for 3rd person view parrying
Blocking Animation Pack

My other mod that also have first person animation
Finally First Person Magic Animation

Thats it comeback and endorse if you like this
Thanks to
Ikari for the review
Brodual for the review
for Dual Wield Parrying mod