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Author: GovnoWriter
Language: English

Mod like press 'Like'. Don't like write why...

version 2.0 changes list:

-- edited value of artifacts
-- added name of unique artifacts
-- now there's no way to remove enchantments from artifacts and impose on other object
-- now there's no way to remove enchantments from artifacts and take XP
-- now legendary opponents marked asterisk
-- there are different levels of legendary creatures
-- level legendary opponents increases with the level of players
-- enhanced features legendary enemies
-- fixed bug with attack on allies
-- you now have the chance to meet legendary creatures - low

                    This mod add in Skyrim SE Legendary NPC System like as Fallout 4. 

                    Legendary NPC have legendary ability (x2 Damage and Full Restore Health when health<10%)

  List new legendary NPC:

- Legendary Bandits

- Legendary Draugrs

- Legendary Falmers

- Legendary Vampiries

- Legendary Dragons

- Legendary Dwarvens Centurions

- Legendary Dwarvens Spiders

- Legendary Dwarven Spheres

- Legendary Mudcrabs

You can meet all legendary NPC in Game World (in Level Lists).

Added 64 new artifacts. Every artifact have three combined vanilla enchantments (more 32 enchantments).

You can found artifacts only after killing Legendary NPC. All artifacts random generation in Legendary NPC. 

You can meet Legendary NPC after Player 4 Level. 

Level Legendary NPC = Player Level.

Installation: standart

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