My Little Urchin Series-Kaylee And Lucy by Kittyness
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Kaylee and Lucy became close friends at the orphanage in Riften. Until one day the old bat kicked them out for always misbehaving. As they explored the wild country their skills increased with time and they became well known little assassins. The choice is yours to either have a cute little urchin to adopt and call daughter, or a little bratty assassin trained in combat and given the tools to prove it.  There fate lies with the Dragonborn and yet they have a vendetta to beat the crap out of the evil old and ugly Grelod and bring peace back to the orphanage. 

Thought I would give child followers a try since to me they are hard to do, so I did and liked the results. This will be a series that I will be continuing because I like child followers for they are quick and don't get in the way much. And all around fun to have around. 


Kaylee is Nord Child Race
Lucy is Wood Elf Child Race
Location: Gallows Rock or "gallowsrock01" via console command
Height: 86-88
Weight: 20
Armor: Custom
Weapons: Vanilla
Speed: 165
Lucy has enhanced flames spell
Both are combat ready in Melee, Ranged and Magic and can Dual

Hearthfires is required if you are going to adopt them

Use relationship dialogue overhaul for child follower dialog or a follower mod such as AFT to force follow.

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