Nazeem's Death Dance.. to Cloud District by BakaFactory
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Literally, this is a shitty joke mod, which you love!!
I made up this because... I don't know..
Just enjoy this shit! At least I did!
He'd love to go there definitely... Probably..?
I made up all theose shitty ridiculous dance animations and script mechanism... It took.. a little bit...
I'll be honest with you. It took a month!!! You fucking Nazeem!! you go to "Cloud District!"

Warning and How to use them?

You need FNIS.. to make them pay.. no no.. make them dance...
Yeah! FNIS!! That's allĀ  you want dude! go and get it at once!
Ah! I forgot to tell you...

Fuz Ro D-oh

This is it!!! Now you are ready to use it!

There are 7 dance animations you can choose from.
You just talk to fake nazeems and make them dance.
Whether you just make them dance forever or make them your cuty fireworks.. It's your choice.

You can't use this to your precious 'real' Nazeem...
He is so.. vulnerable..
If you want that way, maybe I will make it for you.
But for now, there are two fake Nazeems wearing a cute racoon mask waiting for you, and spell books on the ground.
You can always summon additional Nazeems by typing his ID Code. player.placeatme XX0012C8

If you enjoyed this stuff, endorse me! This is the first time to release my mod so.. yeah.. You know what I mean.. Please get me motivated!!!!


Our holy cute racoonmask - 4mm

Permission to use resources from this mod

You'd better tell me first or else!!!
Just mail me first.. and you can use it at anytime dude.
[email protected]