Finally a Real Solution to Mannequin Bugs by lued123
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Added: 11/10/2017 - 04:08AM
Updated: 11/10/2017 - 03:41AM

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Last updated at 3:41, 11 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 4:08, 11 Oct 2017

Gets rid of all vanilla mannequins (and those from certain requested mods) in one of two ways: disabling or deleting. Requires all DLC and USLEEP

If disabled, they still technically exist, but are moved way underground and not rendered. If another mod in your load order edits a mannequin I removed, simply load whichever mod you prefer last (But why are you trying to get rid of them and edit them at the same time?). This is the default main file.

If deleted, they are completely removed from existence, but if another mod edits a mannequin I removed, and is loaded after this one, the game will crash when that mannequin tries to load in. Only use this if you're cripplingly paranoid about mannequins.

If you happen to have a mod that you want this same treatment for, sound off in the comments and maybe I'll take a look. If you'd like them just stripped out, that's fine, but feel free to suggest something to fill their place. A properly static stuffed bear or something, up to you.

I'd like to make it extra clear that the title is a joke. I'm not discounting mods that actually prevent mannequins from walking around. I just don't like creepy wooden people even if they're standing still, so to me, "fixing" them meant removing them.