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Hate the Thalmor and their Milk-Drinking Imperial Puppets, but can't justify being a racist bigot? Hate that you can't teach that bully Rolff a proper lesson? This mod allows you to join the Stormcloaks, stop the racism in Windhelm and make the lives of the other races in Skyrim better! Also adds other races to Imperials and Stormcloaks

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                   STORMCLOAKS FOR GOOD GUYS
                                                      Less Racist

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Do you hate being a racist, but love being a Stormcloak? I know I always struggled with it, so I made this mod for me as much as you! 

Didn't it feel off to you how you can only brawl with that bully Rolff at the gates of Windhelm, and then he starts being nice to you? I always wanted to tell him off and make him stop being a racist jerk! And if Ulfric want's the Dragonborn to join his cause, shouldn't he be willing to make some concessions? 

This mod operates on the premise that, as the Dragonborn, you have power to make the world a better place! We all know it's difficult to change the minds and hearts of people, but just because they aren't totally on board, doesn't mean positive change can't happen.

With this mod, you can convince Ulfric and Galmar that it's in their best interests to treat the other people of Skyrim fairly. Mend the bridges between Dunmer, Argonians and Nords in Windhelm. Convince Ulfric to improve the Gray Quarter, and recruit other races into the Stormcloaks!

Oh, and did I mention, you FINALLY get to tell off Rolff and intimidate him into reforming?


 - More Diverse Soldiers! Significantly increases racial variety in the Legion. Slight increase to racial variety in the Stormcloaks after quest to recruit has started! It's only a slight increase on the Stormcloak side for immersion purposes; even with the more open mindset, the other races of Skyrim will be reluctant to trust and join up. Also added female legionnaires, mages, and archers. HUGE SPECIAL THANKS TO OPIJ! His mod served as the inspiration/template for these changes. This was done for immersion purposes. 
- Convince Ulfric & Galmar To Treat People Fairly! - Stand up for people! Don't just stand by and watch them get taken advantage of. Use your powers of persuasion as the Dragonborn to get Ulfric and Galmar to agree. You'll have to argue your point of course, and make them understand it's in their best interest. But once you go through all the trouble, you'll find the people of Windhelm are very grateful for your help! Immersive dialogue changes as the quests progress (No more "Skyrim is for the Nords!" and people in the Gray Quarter stop complaining when things improve).

- 2 Fully Voiced Quests plus Enhanced Existing Quests! - -  Don't side with the Imperials just because you like Brunwulf's ideas to help the dark elves once he becomes jarl! You can partner with him now to improve things, once you've finished the first quest to convince Ulfric and Galmar. Also, features enhanced dialogue for the existing quests that let you help some of the people around Windhelm.

- Teach Rolff A Lesson! Finally, you can do more than just brawl with him! Enhanced dialogue allows you to tell him off, intimidate him and get him to stop being such a jerk!


- Civil War Overhaul - YES
- Inconsequential NPC's - YES
- Windhelm City improvement mods - YES
- Alternate Start - YES - but...... You may want to become Dragonborn first before you go to join the Stormcloaks. 

I tested this mod with 250 mods installed, most of them the major players like above. Obviously, if you are using a mod that allows you to not play as Dragonborn, you can still use this mod, but the dialogue will sound funny as Ulfric will actually call you Dragonborn because you used that status as leverage! If you have questions about a specific mod compatibility, please post.

Known Issues:

- When recruiting an argonian/dark elf, they do not join the Stormcloak faction and stay at their normal schedule. Plan to fix this in future updates. Right now in head canon I just say they're waiting for orders.

- Sometimes you have to save and then reload to get dialogue options to appear with Ulfric and Rolff. Not sure why this is; could be my own mods.