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Little Tonka
Follower or Adoptable versions CBBE or UNP
(Follower versions updated to 1.0a and cleaned with TES5 Edit)

During the night, Little Tonka needed the restroom. She lit an oil lamp and went outside to the

outhouse. Upon returning, she tripped on the front steps, the oil lamp glass shattered and the lamp rolled

toward the wooden door where the oil spilled out catching it on fire.

A night guard quickly grabbed Tonka to safety while others tried to put out the fire but it was too

late. By morning, there was nothing left but smoldering embers. That was the last time Tonka saw her


The Jarl of Falkreath invited Tonka to live in the Longhouse until someone worthy comes along to

invite her to be a follower or adopt her.

Location: Falkreath, Jarls Longhouse

Outfits shown can be found here:
Apachii Divine Elegance Store by Apachii and Urshi

Follower version: Nord
Height .84 Weight .20
Location: Falkreath, Jarls Longhouse
Marriage: No
Voice: Vanilla Child

Adoptable version: Hearthfire required
Height .79 Weight .20
Voice: Vanilla Child
Location: Falkreath, Jarls Longhouse
Recommended: Multiple adoptions

Credits: Mikan eyes, SG eyebrows, Combined KS hairdos, Caliente CBBE and MassiveMaster UNP.

Little Tonka is exclusive to me and would like to keep it that way. No permissions. Thanks.