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About this mod

This mod allows you to have separate meshes and textures
from every other character in Skyrim. You can have an
UNP body and a dragon tattoo and no NPC will look the same

Permissions and credits
*Dawnguard compatibility: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24168
Custom Races by d_rail
This mod allows you to have a separate body (meshes, skeleton, textures) from every other character in Skyrim. You can edit your player and no one else will look the same. It is meant to be player races, setting NPC races leads to a darker face than the body. I have done all vanilla races and both genders. In addition, I opened up some of the slider options so you can make your character unique. For example, males can use redguard hairs and orc beards. Elves can use human eye shapes and vice versa. Also, elve, vampire, and dremora eye colors are available for everyone. I have made vampire races for the included races. You can change to the vampire races with the console or you can contract vampirism the normal way. In addition, you can become a werewolf. Credit for making vampires and werewolfs compatible goes to Expired, I have included the neccessary files in the archive so nothing else is required. Expired has also started fixing quests that call upon your race. Before one of the dark brotherhood quests wouldn't work with custom races. That is fixed. Also, the first stormcloak quest knows if you are playing as a CustomNord or not. If you find more quests that need to be fixed, please leave a comment on Expired's tutorial page. Try to be as specific as possible. Like what quest it is and what dialogue needs fixing.

This adds: 20 races (console name in parenthesis)
Custom Argonian (CustomArgonianRace or CustomArgonian)
Custom Argonian Vampire (CustomArgonianRaceVampire)
Custom Breton(CustomBretonRace or CustomBreton)
Custom Breton Vampire (CustomBretonRaceVampire)
Custom Dark Elf (CustomDarkElfRace or CustomDarkElf)
Custom Dark Elf Vampire (CustomDarkElfRaceVampire)
Custom High Elf (CustomHighElfRace or CustomHighElf)
Custom High Elf Vampire (CustomHighElfRaceVampire)
Custom Imperial (CustomImperialRace or CustomImperial)
Custom Imperial Vampire (CustomImperialRaceVampire)
Custom Khajiit (CustomKhajiitRace or CustomKhajiit)
Custom Khajiit Vampire(CustomKhajiitRaceVampire)
Custom Nord (CustomNordRace or CustomNord)
Custom Nord Vampire(CustomNordRaceVampire)
Custom Orc(CustomOrcRace or CustomOrc)
Custom Orc Vampire (CustomOrcRaceVampire)
Custom Redguard (CustomRedguardRace or CustomRedguard)
Custom Redguard Vampire (CustomRedguardRace)
Custom Wood Elf (CustomWoodElfRace or CustomWoodElf)
Custom Wood Elf Vampire (CustomWoodElfRaceVampire)

This mod only adds new records, it does not change anything in the vanilla game so there should not be conflicts. It should be compatible with other custom races. I have not tested. It is definitely compatible with "Unique Bodies" (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=5968). Thanks to Expired, hair and eye mods work on all races. For example, a mod that adds hairs to the human races will also work on custom human races. However, a mod that adds hairs to humans will not work on a CustomKhajiit.

Required Files:
Creating a Playable Race - The right way by Expired
I've inclued these in the archive, but you should track this mod so you keep updated

Basic installation method. Either install with Nexus mod manager or copy the textures folder, meshes folder, scripts folder, CustomRaces.esp, and RaceComptibility.esm into your Skyrim data folder. Make sure CustomRaces.esp and RaceCompatibility.esm are checked in nmm or in the Steam launcher.

How to use:
First decide what race you are going to play. I did not change anything with the races except what resources the races use. The included folders contain vanilla meshes and textures so you will have to pick and install what bodies you want to use to see a difference. Pick a fancy body from the assorted mods available, including meshes and textures. Copy said meshes and textures into the corresponding custom race folders.

Example: if you are going to be an imperial (female in parenthesis)
into data/meshes/CustomRaces/CustomImperial

(Don't delete any files, only replace. You probably don't need a different head mesh or skeleton from the vanilla meshes, but you can certainly use them if you want. You don't need different hand, feet, and 1st person models but if the mod has them available, use them.)

into data/textures/CustomRaces/CustomImperial

(Don't delete any files, only replace. Don't worry too much if the body you want to use doesn't have msn, s, or sk files. The head texture will be probably coming from a different mod than the body and hand textures. Read the body mod description to see if the author recommends one so they match better.)

head_msn note: Most races use different *head_msn.dds files already. This mod makes the custom race use the head_msn that is in the CustomRaces folder. If you are using head textures from a mod, look for a different folder in the mod that pertains to your race. For example, if you are a breton male, there is a folder at data/textures/actors/character/bretonmale. Copy malehead_msn.dds from that folder into CustomBreton. However, to make your race look more like a nord use the file at data/textures/actor/character/male.

beast races note: The above example only pertains to human and elve races. The beast race resources are named a little different. But, I kept the vanilla naming scheme so that using body mods is easier.

How to change your race:
You can start a new game or continue from a previous save and change your race. I will explain the best way to do this.

Changing race and you want a new face:
(Use only at the beginning of the game beacause your skills will scramble and health/magicka/stamina reset)
type showracemenu into the console and pick the race you want.

Changing race and you want to keep your face:

Not werewolf/gone through blood ritual
Both steps required:
(Normally changing races this way leads to a missing head, but I fixed it for my races)
1. Open console. Type "player.setrace [RaceName]" (Replace [RaceName] with console name above)
2. In console, type "showracemenu". Fix your hair, eye color, beard. Do not change your race or sex.

Already Werewolf/gone through blood ritual
It has been pointed out that if the pc is already a werewolf changing races via setrace only causes head parts to not function correctly. I have found the best solution is to use the normal way of changing races (via showracemenu). Unfortunately, changing races with showracemenu causes your skills to scramble and health/stamina/magicka reset. Here is best way to minimize problems:

Write down all skill levels and h/s/m

Follow steps carefully:
1. open console and type "player.setrace [CustomRace]" (see above for console names for each race). Close console.
2. open console and type "showracemenu".
3. Go up one race and back down. Do not do touch the sliders.
4. Finish and pick a name
5. open console and type "showracemenu". Fix your face with the sliders if
need be. Pick hair, eye color or whatever. Finish and pick name.
6.(Recommended) Save game and quit to windows. Restart game to make sure pc has a head and head parts, if not reload prior save and try again.
(Credit for changing race method goes to lunar_silence, see link for detailed instructions)

Add your skills back after changing race
Open the console and use "player.setav [name] [##]". Replace [name] with health, stamina, magicka, and all of your skills. Replace [##] with what you wrote down before changing your race. See wiki for full list of skill names. Names are straightforward except speech = speechcraft in console. See UESP for console help.

Advanced editing:
You can add new tint masks to each non-beast race, females only right now. You can find them in the textures folder for each race in a folder aptly named "tintmasks". The files you can change are (applicable races in parenthesis):
femalelowereyesocket.dds (all non-beast)
femaleuppereyesocket.dds (all non-beast)
femalenordeyelinerstyle01.dds (all non-beast)
femaleheadbreton_lips.dds (Custom Breton)
femaleheadhighelf_lips.dds (Custom Dark, High, Wood Elf)
femaleheadimperial_lips.dds (Custom Imperial)
femaleheadnord_lips.dds (Custom Nord, Orc)
femaleheadredguard_lips.dds (Custom Redguard)

In addition to normal head textures, you can replace the complexion textures for each race. Use showracemenu to select a new complexion. Males do not have a vanilla freckle option, but you can replace another male texture and pick it the same way (rename texture file so it matches an existing one). Here are the additional textures:

female (Human/Mer)
femaleheaddetail_frekles.dds (notice wrong spelling)

male (Human/Mer)

argonianfemaleheadold.dds (female)
argonianmaleheadold.dds (male)

Khajiit (male and female share)

Either load up a game prior to changing your race or change your race back to a vanilla race.
To change your race back to a vanilla race, see these instructions.


If you only have one custom race mod installed and no other mod needs these

To do:
Add body packs if I can get permission
Maybe separate animations
Add optional plugins, leave comment requests

Face specular maps only work right on edited nif files
Using showracemenu will reset your headparts (hair, brows, beards, eye color) to whatever you had the last time you restarted the game
As a vampire, changing skin tone does not change head color (vanilla game bug)
Which you switch to a vampire, you do not get the palest skin tone (will fix soon)
Sometimes when changing the eye shape, the eye color is in the wrong position. Fix by adjusting color after changing shape.
Something similar happens to brows. Adjust eyebrow type after moving brow.
feel free to leave new bugs in comment section

Compatible Mods: (Most NSFW)
I am not a 3d modeler so you will have to look elsewhere for bodies and textures

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Newer body but there are many textures and armors compatible

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
Lots of armors and textures available, see mod page for list

BABE Mk-V nude by brurpo
Another great one, clothes makers need to catch up though

CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod by CherryHotaling
Body physics will not work unless you install the mod normally and then add meshes (including skeleton) and textures into CustomRaces folder.

UNP Bouncing Boobs - Using CHSBHC BBP by AjuntaPall316
CHSBHC Required

GRRL Body CBBE BBP-WIP by tonicmole

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

RANs HeadMesh Variants by RAN46

XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius

Beauty Faces for females by necKros

Better Females by Bella by BellaGail

Coverwomen by mrLenski

Better Beast Races by Xenius

Another Nude Khajiit_Human Hybrid for CBBE v3 and CHSBHC by bluedraggy

Pretty Face Pack by tktk

LadyFace by Chidosity

XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

Better Beast Races by Xenius

Tonicmole UNP Lore Tattoo

Tattoos for DIMONIZED UNP female body by candymanXXL

Tattoos for DIMONIZED UNP female by snoopy7185

Vagrant Story Osana Tattoo CBBE - Better Males by Garrett666

Tattoos for Females - CBBE 4096 by dives41

Any Brow

The skeleton of female models by Ning

Slider Colors:
Extended Slider Colors by Expired
Use Plugin Patcher to edit CustomRaces.esp

v0.52 - Original - WIP
v0.58 - Small update before I start adding more races. Changes the races a little so that jewelry works. It opens up all eye and nose shapes for all races so far. It adds more hairs to use, too
v0.65 - Added elves. Made the races use the vanilla head morphs. Added a few more hairs. Changed all the presets to vanilla presets.
v1.30 - Huge update. I added beast races and Expired's esm and scripts so that vampires and werewolfs work better. I toned down the amount of vanilla hairs you can use for better performance.
v1.41 - Fixed imperial female vampire complexions. Fixed missing head problem after changing race with setrace. Added Expired's werewolf beast form script fix. Changed the armor race for non-beasts back to DefaultRace
v1.50 - Updated RaceCompatibility.esm and scripts to v1.6. Added ability to edit face tints per race (non-beast females).
v1.51 - Fixed Racial Compatibility keywords and lip colors. Updated RaceCompatibility.esm to v1.7.
v1.52 - Edited head models so that the game uses the head specular map (Thanks hellosanta)
v1.53 - Fixed female redguard 1st person hands
v1.54 - Fixed wood elf complexions