Binocular Vision For NPCs while Sneaking by hideinlight
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Added: 10/02/2012 - 03:49PM
Updated: 16/12/2013 - 03:22AM

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Last updated at 3:22, 16 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 15:49, 10 Feb 2012

DELETE/DISABLE old 1dot2 version first. Mod has been separated in two now, so people can just use the settings if they wish, this should in theory make it compatible with sneak tools.

Ever hid behind a wall waiting for the enemy to pass by only to have him run up to you and smack you in the head instead? Also ever wondered why you became completely undetectable with a modest sneak rating?

Changes Vanilla's 190 Degree detection radius to 135/150/165 Degrees
Sneaking has been carefully rescaled and tweaked so that it's viable early levels and doesn't break later levels.

Version 1.3
Binocular Vision Game_Settings 135/150/165

setgs fDetectionViewCone 135/150/165
This is the detection radius of the enemy.

setgs fSneakDistanceAttenuationExponent 1.75
This makes it more likely the enemy will detect you the closer they get, meaning even at high sneak levels they will see you in a dark spot if too close. Your sneak level basically determines how close an enemy can get to you without being seen.

setgs fSneakAlertMod 0.01
This seems to make the eye open faster when you get spotted, to make sure high goes fully open when you in the enemy's LOS when they get too close.

setgs fSneakMaxDistance 2000
Down from 2500, could scale sneaking much better with this setting, and allows you to observe a situation from a very long distance without being seen.

setgs fSneakLightRunMult 0.05
The default value is actually 0.2, but the lightmovemult is at 0.01 (which is still detectable by enemies) so 0.05 allows for more control over your sneak speed without getting detected especially useful if using a gamepad. Tried really hard to work with the vanilla settings instead of against them.

setgs fSneakSkillMult 0.15
Default is 0.50, higher sneak rating, the closer enemy can get to you without seeing you. Even 0.20 seem to be high enough of a value to break sneak in vanilla at high levels (close to 100).
Although setting it low had an side effect of rendering early levels useless. That was fixed with the settings underneath.

setgs fDetectionSneakLightMod 25
setgs fSneakBaseValue -25
*These need to be the same value, or else it will eventually break. Common mistake in other mods.
The higher the base, the closer enemies could get to me, so I picked 25 instead of 15 which makes sneaking still viable in lower levels.

setgs iLightLevelInteriorMod 0
Apparently the higher this value is the harder it becomes to be detected, was breaking sneak so I set it to 0. It's now same as exterior.

setgs fCombatStealthPointRegenAlertWaitTime 15
setgs fCombatStealthPointRegenLostWaitTime 15
Basically this means you need to hide for 30 seconds, and not be seen at all in those 30 seconds or else it resets. Realistic value, or else people will just press the quickload button. And it's much harder to hide now.

Binocular Vision Extra
3 second shadow warrior with 15 seconds cooldown, feels like an eternity in a fight so use wisely.
Vanilla Shadow from is just plain broken/spammable doesn't feel right.

DB Gloves, give +1 multiplier to bow sneak attack damage.