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My first character Linea, in the form of a follower so you can enjoy her in your game! Custom outfit, weapon and spell.

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Edit 10/10/2017: Linea made hot files, thank you all so much! <3


Linea is a wood elf hailing from Valenwood. She grew up learning how to hunt from her father and practicing alchemy with her mother. Her life was quiet, but she longed for adventure, and as she grew older she would often venture beyond the borders of her village on hunting trips. She never quite fit in and mostly kept to herself, dreaming of adventures she could be having in other worlds.

Her village was open about its resistance to the Aldmeri Dominion, but everyone thought the residents were too few to care about. This was proved wrong when a group of Thalmor Justiciars burnt the village down in the middle of the night. Linea and a few of her kinsman had enough time to escape the flames.

They decided to go to Skyrim, where they would be able to make a living as hunters. Not long after reaching the southern border, they came upon some Stormcloak soldiers. They decided to trade for supplies when they were ambushed by the Imperials and set to Helgen. The rest of her kin died in the dragon attack, leaving Linea on her own in a foreign land.

Art by the talented Ereb Tauramandil!

Despite losing her home, she is eager for adventure and will gladly travel with you. You can find her at Dead Man’s Drink (the inn in Falkreath).

She comes with a custom bow, WillowSong, made by MassiveMaster! Her outfit is from Linkle Outfit, retextured by MassiveMaster. She WILL NOT use anything else, and no, I will not change that.

The skin textures she uses is Babydoll X Skin.

Race: wood elf (uses the Nord race)
Location: Dead Man's Drink (the inn in Falkreath)
Body/weight: UNP/100
Voice: Young Female Eager
Essential: yes
Marriageable: yes
Combat type: stealth archer

Linea is a highly skilled marksman and thief. She is great at stealth, can pick Master locks, and will even pickpocket for you. In combat she can summon Spriggans to aid her.

Recommended mods:
Amazing Follower Tweaks - makes followers so much more manageable and customizable.
Facelight Plus - please, this will greatly improve the lighting on her face.
Female Facial Animation - Linea is very expressive! You wouldn’t want her facial expressions looking awkward.

MassiveMaster for weapon, skin, hair texture, eyes and edit on gear
auburnsred for CN Accessories
dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body
Elianora for Farinelli’s Hammerfell Armoury
Gimora for Linkle Outfit for Skyrim
jerok47 for JREyebrows
Kalilies for KS Hairdos - Renewal
expired6978 for RaceMenu

Special thanks to…