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From the author of THE HAVEN FROM THE COLD AND DARK comes this large very detailed Castle/Player home halfway between Whiterun and Riverwood. It was made specifically for Imperial Bosmer, but any race can use it. It is adoption friendly, has toggling Lights/Fire Places and lots of storage.

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This is a large very detailed Castle/Player home
Halfway between Whiterun and Riverwood.
It's made for Imperial Bosmer, but any race can use it.
It is adoption friendly, has toggling Lights
and Fire Place and a lot of storage.
The Front door Key is in under the welcome mat.
(Welcome mat is a container with key inside)
The Key to the Armoury/Smithing area
is in the Library on the Desk.

Please place this mod very,
very low in your Mod Load order.

Q - This Mod drops my FPS, WTF?
A - Get a better Rig. This Mod is GPU intensive.
Q - Does this Mod conflict with any other Mod?
A- It should only conflict with any mod that
places anything in the same place.
I do not have time to test against every mod.
Q - Why is your Mod full of Dirty Edits?
A - I have cleaned it with TES5EDIT,
but if you wish to clean it further,
go for it. But I will not.

- Stroti
- Tamira
- garnet18
- Ashenfire
- InsanitySorrow
- Elianora
- stoverjm
- Hanaisse
- Pheo3309
- GKB/Ga-Knomboe Boy
- lilith
- Artisanix
- Oaristys
- Tony67
- Blary
- elinen
- Runspect
- stoverjm
- lolikyonyu
- Jokerine
- bruce142
- flintone
- Markus Liberty
- baronf
- cad435
- Scarla
- kelretu
- Vindsvept

And especially Darkfox127 for his incredible Tutorials.

By The Way

If You ever get a chance check out Lefttounge's Profile,
he creates the best Screenshots.
This is his Blog Cascadia Legends and Poetry
and this is his Tumblr page Insane High Elf Babe
Please take a look.