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First person magic casting animation

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This will replace first person magic casting animation for
1. Idle, ready and charge
2. Self Release
    Fast healing, Oakflesh, etc
3. Far Release
    Lightning bolt, Fireball. etc
4. Self Concentration
    Healing, etc
5. Aim Concentration
    Flames, Sparks, etc
6. Telekinesis
7. Ward
8. Dual casting
9. Master ritual

Video version 5.0
Shows variant 2 split screen before & after
Video version 3.0
Shows dual casting: dmag self casting, dmagselfcon, dmagaimcon
Video version 2.0
shows telekinesis, new self release spell, fix for flames and ward with before & after comparison to vanilla
Video version 1.0
shows idle, fast healing, healing, oakflesh, conjuration, lightning bolt

Few things has changed in the last version from video showcase.

- add Idles, self release, far release, self concentration
- add aim concentration, telekinesis, ward
- fix vanilla twisted arms in flames and ward
- add dual casting

- adjustment
- add master ritual
- adjustment
  rearrange v4.0 fomod
- add full set variant 2 as optional file
- Doesnt add anything new, just mixing v4.5 and v5.0

Latest version 6.0 doesnt add anything new, just mixing v4.5 and v5.0. You can see all details in video, just click the highlighted link in description above to see the difference. But well i just type this anyway
2 variant idle
self concentration fancy, arm sway much, looks like unsync loop
self release - hands goes different direction
dual cast cross infront of chest, tight close fist
telekinesis all finger open towards object

1 idle type
self concentration subtle, arm still, doesnt move too much
self release subtle, goes one direction
dual cast cross infront of chest, with open palm
telekinesis subtle half palm open towards object

vanillla idle (no change)
self concentration - left cast from v4.5 right from v5.0
telekinesis from v5.0
Dual casting from v4.5

Installation NMM or drag & drop to your data folder
Please double check your download file is it correctly placed in destination folder
Dont mistake it with 3rd person folder and you have to remove the file manually if you dislike some spell in particular. for safety
. For example delete mlh_idle.hkx and mrh_idle.hkx if you want to keep vanilla movement and my new animation will play only when casting spell. Or i just sort it in fomod to make life easier :)
Usually it wont leave a mark on game if uninstalled like esp or scripts

Other mod use in video/screenshot
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Quiet Magic by 5poiler
Recommended mod if you have any animation problem
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore

My other mod that also have first person animation
Enhanced 1stperson Parry Animation

You can use this for converting my mod to use in Skyrim Special Edition. I just dont have SSE so i cant convert and update to the latest version myself

Thanks to

Thats it. Come back and endorse if you like