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As requested the UnImmersive Creation Club is now available for Skyrim Special Edition
and it's Not That Special


The Creation Club is a playable Giant's Club with a new texture... Although, I'm sure that there are better clubs that are more creative than this one on Nexus if you look around.

It is possible to temper the Creation Club and it comes in a choice of 3 different colours: Morthal Camouflage, Death Hound Black and Red Oak Wood. All versions of the club have both 1st person and 3rd person views.

I intended to make an in depth quest to obtain the Creation Club but I didn't because well, that seemed like a lot of work for a retexture. Then I thought maybe I'd just make a fetch quest or have it so that you looted it from a mob in a field somewhere, or maybe have it magically appear in your inventory but those ideas were all a bit half arsed.

So I settled on it being crafted.

Craft the Creation Club by using a cooking pot to convert your Gold Septims into Broken Souls.
Then you can use 3 Broken Souls at any forge to craft the Creation Club.

Crafting Recipe
You can make a batch of 2 Broken Souls for 799 Gold Septims at a cooking pot.
You will need 3 Broken Souls to forge the Creation Club this means you will have to craft the Broken Soul item twice.
So, the Creation Club will cost you a total of 1598 Gold Septims and you will have a leftover Broken Soul for future use.

Install in your data folder using a mod manager or manually.

It shouldn't conflict with anything but I am relying on other content creators to make unofficial patches to fix the bugs in any mods mini dlc I release.

Future plans
I intend to release more items that utilize Broken Souls and I will most likely continue to reskin and recycle content that has previously been seen in this or older games especially if I can get someone else to do all the hard work for me.

Added a handy single pack of all the clubs as requested, now you can have as many as you want in game - but you do have to download ALL of the files to your hard drive whether you want them there or not.