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Vanessa - standalone follower is my third follower mod I ever created, and my SECOND standalone follower ever made. I got the inspiration to create Vanessa after seeing other peoples standalone followers and after seeing my other standalone follower exceed my endorsement expectations. I tested the mod a bunch of times from a fresh save and found nothing to be wrong so I hope everything works fine, if you find any conflicts etc let me know and I can TRY to look into it; because im still somewhat of a novice when it comes to followers specifically. ATTENTION: I do NOT claim or want any credit for the assets used in this mod, the hair, body, skin textures, etc are work of other modders. All I want credit for is ASSEMBLY because it took a week off and on to put the mod together, test it, and revise and edit it. I WILL NOW CREDIT AUTHORS BELOW AND PROVIDE LINKS TO THEIR WORK.

Name: Vanessa
Race: Redguard
Height: 1.0
Weight: 90.0
Sex: Female
Voice: Female Young Eager
Body type: UNP
Hair color: Black
Hair: KS Hairdo's - Vertigo
Skin: Fair Skin Complexion - Sweaty Body
Make Up: Included in Fair Skin Complexion optionals
Eyes: The Eyes Of Beauty - eye lake
Brows: SG Female eyebrows - Female Brow 25
Class: Custom - Conjuration, Illusion caster
Combat Style: Custom
Levels 1-75 with the player
Is Marriageable


Bound Sword, Calm, Conjure Familiar, Courage, Fast Healing, Healing, Hysteria, Mayhem, Muffle, Pacify, Raise Zombie, Rally, Rout

Conjuration Novice 0, Conjuration Apprentice 25, Conjuration Adept 50, Conjuration Expeprt 75, Conjuration Master 100, 
Mystic Binding, Summoner 70, Necromancy, Atromancy, Dark Souls, Twin Souls, Illusion Novice 0, Illusion Apprentice 25, Illusion Adept 50, Illusion Expert 75, Illusion Master 100, Novice Locks 0, Apprentice Locks 25, Adept Locks 50, Expert Locks 75, Master Locks 100, Locksmith, Golden Touch, Treasure Hunter, Quick hands, Animage, Hypnotic Gaze, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting, Master Of The Mind, Aspect Of Terror, Rage, Agile Defender 80, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Deft Movement, Matching Set, Restoration Novice 0, Restoration Apprentice 25, Recovery 50, Regeneration, Lightfoot, Armsman 20

Vanessa was once a student at the College of Winterhold, she began her studies as an apprentice Illusionist as a young teen and graduated to a master Illusionist as time went on. As she got older, her instructor Drevis Neloren noticed her change of magic practices and did not approve of her ways because she began to use a mix of Conjuration and Illusion magic. She confronted him after many years of lecture about her practices, and challenged him to a duel in the College court on some terms they had agreed upon. The winner gets to remain in the College of Winterhold, the loser must resign from the College as soon as possible. The two mages gathered together under supervision and approval of the Archmage Savos Aren and drew their spells. They attacked each other relentlessly for what seemed like forever, summoning Dremora lords and Atronachs left and right, but Vanessa was no match for him. She surrendered after taking more damage than she could handle, Drevis had outlasted her magic combat. Vanessa was to be expelled from the College of Winterhold the next day after recieving some rest and healing, as agreed upon in their duelling terms. The next day, Vanessa packed all of her belongings from her room and gave her goodbyes to her friends at the College before leaving for good. Upon exiting the College, she went to The Frozen Hearth Inn where she met a man named Falion. They drank mead together and talked about their magic techniques and studies they've learned over the years, when Falion offered to take her in as his new student. Vanessa took him up on his offer and moved in with him at his house in Morthal where he trained her in the arts of magic ever since.

Vanessa can be found in Falion's house in Morthal

None, please enjoy my efforts :)

Download with nexus mod manager or any favorite mod manager and activate it, or download to your desktop and place it in your Skyrim Data folder.

Deactivate the mod in the nexus mod manager, or remove from your skyrim data folder.

dimon99 - for the body 
HHaleyy - for the skin texture 
Kalilies and Stealthic - for the hair 
LogRaam - for the eyes 
Hello Santa - for the eyebrows 
Deserter X - for the armor mod.
Body: Dimonized UNP Female Body - >
Skin: Fair Skin Complexion - >
Hair: KS Hairdos - >
Eyes: The Eyes Of Beauty - >
Eye Brows: SG Female Eyebrows - >
Character Armor: Sotteta Necromancer Outfit UNP - >