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I have been neglecting her and its just not fair to her.

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My Nordic goddess Blaeja,

 I began making you as a visual replacer for Vilja and as time went on I thought you deserved a voice of your own (Nord female). Then after even more sculpting, tweaking and bodysliding your beauty had surpassed my wildest expectations because I'm not particularly smitten by blondes like I was by you.
I knew then you needed a special voice. One not common or readily spoken in these lands which we inevitably found. We had such great times adventuring, slaying dragons, crawling dungeons and I knew deep down that you were mine all mine. Remember when we felt there was just something else missing then shortly there after that guy released the Follower Commentary Overhaul? LOL.. I frantically began trying to understand how it worked so you could tell me a bunch of new things? I did do it at some point. Then things were almost new again for a while and you wouldn't STFU. Then I came across her. Shhh Shhh Shhh lets not speak of her again. Not now. Its just not fair that I made you leave and go back to Ivarstead. I feel you deserve better and maybe find someone again. Because you deserve it... and maybe, just maybe that person will know how to put a throttle on all that yammering you keep doing because I'm at a loss on how to make you STFU.

Love G