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New Male Presets for the person that wants a buff, rugged, pretty boy.

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Hey guys!! Bennzoor here with new Face Presets for RaceMenu!!

Just 7 faces that I customized from pre-existing NPCs. 

I'll make more faces when I get around to. 

Screenshots are encouraged if you want to edit or just show off your character. 

Skyrim Script Extender
KS Hairdos-Renewal
The Eyes of Beauty

Recommended Mods
Better Males-Beautiful Nudes and Faces- New Hairstyles
(I use the Younger Faces merged with Men by Gennox)
Immersive Armors
Shape Atlas for Men
(Leads to a different website, must register in order to download)

*Note: For the Requirements and Recommended mods, please follow all the instructions for their download and install processes. I'll only be assisting anyone that has any issues with my mod only. 

Male Nord Preset version:
Made a separate version that replaces the vanilla character presets. You don't get the RaceMenu sliders, but they still look alright. 

Make sure you have the required mods installed first. 
Download the Racemenu presets (or the Nord Preset replacer) through NMM
or you can manually download it and place the files in your steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim>Data folder
Start the game and go on whatever character. 
Open Console Command and type in "showracemenu"
It should lead to the customization menu. Either go through the Nord Male presets
Go to the Preset tab in Race Menu and load the presets up.

Uninstall from NMM or delete from Presets folder under SKSE

Special Thanks
The SKSE Team
Kalilies and Stealthic