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Presets for all of my created characters

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So, after dipping my toe in the mod waters with my first two presets, I decided to expand and include ALL of the presets in my collection, 10 characters here, diverse in skillsets and body type ( of course you are free to change what you wish) :)

All images shown are with Vanilla Ice Cream ENB and Pure Textures, your results will vary depending on ENB and face textures used.

All presets are UUNP, I made adjustments using those sliders in RaceMenu so not certain how that will effect CBBE bodies. 

Required Mods
RaceMenu by Expired
XPMSE by Groovtama

Recommended Mods (if you want the exact look of the images)
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam 
The Witcher 3 Eyes by Oaristys 
Mikan Eyes by nerune 
PureSkin Texture by anini n Regenbot03 
SG Female Eyebrows by HelloSanta
Brows by Hvergelmir
KS Hairdos Renewal by Kaliliies and Stealthic
SG Hair Pack
Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin
YevMods Makeup Pack by yevvie
Kai's Makeup for Skyrim by XarathosHawke
Tattoo Model Suicide Girl Race Menu by JakeDreivor (for Kasia's tattoos)
Battle Hardened Warpaints by Diethardt and netherwalk (for Roya and Zuna's facepaints)
True Brows 

You can post me a message about any specific outfit in the images and I can direct you to a link, I have about a hundred outfit mods from lots of places and my characters are sometimes wearing mashups of different things, I'd prefer not to create a long list of links and clutter up the page any more than necessary :) I will say that alot of the heavier looking armors in the images are from LadyHorus's Tera Conversions for UUNP .


Install using NMM or Mod Manager, the files should appear in your Presets menu. Or you can manually install, unzip the files and place them in your Skyrim data folder (Data/SKSE/Plugins/Chargen/Presets


A little bit of a background for each, in case you want to RP :D

Siv Stormhammer (Nord)

Age - 22
Birthplace - Anvil, Cyrodil
Relatives - Father, Erland Stormhammer (guildmaster, deceased) mother, Decima Ventius (Imperial battlemage  commander) older sister Freya Stormhammer, adopted sister Kasia Akheton 
Skillset- Spellsword, specializing in one-handed and destruction magic 

The fun-loving younger Stormhammer daughter, Siv does her best to uphold the Stormhammer fighting tradition, despite having dreams of a life away from war and combat. Always getting into mischief with her adopted sister, Kasia.

Kasia Akheton (Imperial)

Age -21
Birthplace - Anvil, Cyrodil
Relatives- Father Rivus Akheton (deceased) mother Lucilla Akheton (deceased) Adopted parents Erland Stormhammer and Decima Ventius, adopted sisters Freya and Siv Stormhammer
Skillset- Dual-wield, one-handed, sneak, pickpocket

A war orphan surviving on the streets, Kasia was taken in by Erland Stormhammer at 8 years old. Growing up in a Fighters Guild, she quickly developed a mastery of swordsmanship and possesses an indomitable  (and reckless) fighting spirit, despite her small size. Adores her adopted sister Siv.

Note: I included Kasia's tattoos but if you would rather not have them or dont want to download that mod, you can go to Body Paints in RaceMenu and slide her tattoos down to 0, otherwise more than likely her body will appear shaded purple!

Freya Stormhammer (Nord)
Birthplace-Solitude, Skyrim
Relatives- Father Erland Stormhammer (deceased) mother Decima Ventius, sister Siv and adopted sister Kasia 
Skillset- two-handed 

Serious, pragmatic and physically imposing, Freya is quite different from her younger sister Siv. She feels burdened with carrying on her father's legacy as the older daughter, and has honed herself into a near-perfect warrior. Frequently butts heads with her brash little sis, Kasia who, along with Siv and family friend Jai, are employed in her startup mercenary guild, Stormhawk Company, which she operates out of Skyrim after her late father's guild was shut down along with all other Fighters Guilds in Cyrodiil as part of the White-Gold Concordat

Jai, or "JJ" to her friends (Bosmer)
Age -24
Birthplace - Valenwood
Relatives- Father, Lenoril, mother, Una, older brother Erthas, younger sister Syl 
Skillset - Archery, one-handed

The bright, cheerful Jai is daughter of Erland's best friend Lenoril, and thus is intens