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Orlong\'s Hearth is a medium sized player home near Riverwood.

Permissions and credits
Name: Orlong's Hearth
Version: 1.1
Date: 2/10/2012 5:44:53 AM
Author(s): cire992

NOTICE: Collect all your junk out of Orlong's Hearth before updating to version 1.0. I have changed a lot of containers and completely removed the trophy room. If you don't collect your things out of the displays, mannequins and containers before updating YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ITEMS.
If upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1, you don't need to remove your stuff.

Orlong's Hearth is a medium sized player home located in a fort just outside Riverwood. The home is suitable for just about any character. It comes complete with all the necessary ammenities including:
- A personal smithing area with a forge, workbench, tanning rack and smelter. Also includes a wood pile for chopping.
- A study in the tower with alchemy and enchanting stations.
- A roaring hearth with cooking pots for crafting.
- Working bookshelves as well as bookcase containers.
- A personal armory and training room in the basement complete with mannequins, display cases and weapon racks and plaques.
- Companion accomodations, for what it's worth. Reported navmesh issues in the CK would seem to render this feature moot.
- Organized, safe and labeled storage throughout the home, appropriately placed for balanced convenience and aesthetics.
- Inventory sorters in the study, at the forge, in the armory, at the hearth and in the bedroom loft makes depositing and organizing loot a much faster process.
- An alchemy garden with most common plants.

Skyrim runthrough video by Jellicle Hidan

New in version 1.0

Inventory sorters in the Hearthroom, loft, study, armory and forge. The trophy room has been dropped, and the armory and training room added the basement. The space previously occupied by the trophy room is now companion quarters. All containers are now safe. The ruined path into the fort via the north wall has been patched up. The only way in or out now is the main gate. See changelog below for full list of changes.

Tested on Skyrim version 1.4

Installation Instructions
Install with the Nexus mod manager.

For manual installation, simply extract the contents of the archive to your skyrim directory, overwrite when prompted and activate the plugin from the launcher.

Uninstallation Instructions
Delete the following:

Data/Orlong's Hearth v1.esp

Any mod that modifies exterior cell 4, -13 will have compatability issues with Orlong's Hearth, other than that this mod should be compatible with just about everything.

Known Issues
Current Bugs:
- Fake un-interactive water in tower. (CK bug, Cell View common data window is broken and water cant be toggled on.)
- No distant LOD (CK bug, LOD Generation non-functional presently)
- Inventory sorters don't sort player crafted potions. Player enchanted weapons and armor are sorted into unenchanted containers.
- Minor lighting glitches/artifacts in hearth and basement.
- Collision glitch with front door outside.

Planned Features:
- Spring in tower has healing buff.
- Player's bed gives fortification buff.
- Guards patrolling exterior. (By popular demand, though I'm on the fence with this)
- Acquistion quest of some kind, planning on a dungeon crawl.
- Vegetable Garden.
- Summon sparring partners in training area.
- Customizable shrine in basement.
- Stables (though where to put it is beyond me).

Change Log
February 15, 2012
- Version 1.1
- Fixed Animation glitch with smelter.
- Fixed gap in basement above doorway to stairs.
- Added shield plaques behind mannequins near training area in basement.
- Fixed z-fighting near basement stairs.
- Fixed z-fighting on cabinets under alchemy table.
- Fixed floating grass in front of tower entrance.
- Added scripts for archery targets.
February 13, 2012
- Version 1.0
- Minor fixes to exterior, added torchlights, fixed clipping log pile on northern scaffold.
- Sealed off northern wall, removed ruined pathway.
- Redesigned lights in hearth, made the shadows less obscuring and added more ambient lights to make it easier to see.
- Axed trophy room, now extra food storage and companion bedroom, left display cases in hallway.
- Added basement cell with armory and training area.
- Added clutter to lower part of tower, adjusted lighting throughout.
- Added inventory sorters for loft, tower, hearth, armory and forge.
- All containers in and about the fort are now safe to store things in (there were some respawning sacks and barrels outside before).
- Fixed weapon plaques in hearth room not returning their weapons (they were sunk into the wall and couldn't be activated).
February 11, 2012
- Version .9
- Non-functioning mannequins fixed.
- Navmesh bugs fixed, companions will now follow into interiors properly.
- Bookcases fixed.
- Weapon plaques pulled away from walls slightly so you can take your weapons back after hanging them.
- Light adjusted in tower, should no longer have erratic shadows.
February 10, 2012
- Version .85
- Floating Mannequins fixed.
- Disappearing wall in exterior fixed. Deleted 2 lights to prevent rendering issues, have not been able to reproduce bug since.
February 10, 2012
- Weapon racks removed
- Initial release

Meo, for the open book model resource for Oblivion.
Venzar, readme generator.

You're free to modify, tinker with and re-distribute this mod as you see fit, where you see fit, so long as the readme is left intact and the people mentioned in the credits are appropriately credited.