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UNP female-only armour mashup, based mainly on assets from various Ciri Witcher armours.

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As we all know, playing Skyrim is...


Huh?! Wutziz? Muh Immershuns?

Like the short description says, this is a UNP armour mashup, based mainly on assets from various Ciri Witcher armours.

There is also an alternate Black/Dark Red texture set for those of you who like darker armours for thief/assassin/edgy Hot Topic goth characters.

Gimme dem deets!

Current Version - v1.0
Body Type - UNP
Armour Type - Light
Strength - Between Scaled and Glass, closer to Glass (36 armour value to be precise). 
Findable - No. The armour will be in the regular crafting menu, but there's no set just lying around.
Craftable - Yes
Temperable - Yes
Crafting/Tempering Requirements - The recipes are close to Scaled, but requires a little bit more diversity of materials. As a trade off, it's also worth more money (but not as much as Glass). I think you'll be able to craft it at a point in the game when you'd be able to craft similar armours. And if you REALLY don't want to craft it, there's always AddItemMenu.

Yep, I know! Sorry, I did the best I could to get these bits to all play nice together, since I'm useless with Blender and my computer hates it anyway. It was nifskope or bust. Be gentle. Or not.

Is this gonna work with all my other stuff?!

So long as you're using a UNP body, you should be fine. I've edited no cells and the armour has not been added to levelled lists. The only contents of the mod are the armour itself and the crafting/tempering recipes. There are no scripts or other widgets and I ran it through TESVEdit to make sure the esp is clean.

So how do I get it in my game?

Just install it with the mod manager of your choice. Like most armour-only mods, uninstallation should be clean too, assuming you're not wearing the armour at the time or have a million copies in your backpack or whatever.

Where'd ya get all this junk anyway?

Many modders have very kindly allowed me to use their assets. Either through direct permission or standing open permission:
- zzjay's Witcher 3 dress collection, including Ciri DLC
- Oaristys' Ciri outfit conversion
- SydneyB's Ashara Elven Knight
- Petrovich's UNP Simply Clothes
- sesamin's Combination Vanilla Outfit
- And finally, thanks to CD Projekt Red for allowing the free use of Witcher assets!

Many thanks for their hard work!

I would also like to specially thank Nexus member BigAndFlabby for crucially helping me fix the buckle mesh!

If you're wondering about the screenshots, they're all vanilla except for
- The face from the screenshots was a quick character whipped up using a slightly modified version of shadowfake's Faielle preset
- Camping gear courtesy of Campfire
- The gloves are from zzjay's wardrobe and the shoes are from Afro's Witcher 2 armours pack

Bet there's some lame fine print, right?

Not really. Anyone is free to use this mod as a resource or in their own mod SO LONG AS:

- You credit me as well as the original modders I listed above
- You DO NOT upload this to Steam other platforms. If I wish to do so, I will do it myself
- Your mod is NOT under any circumstances a paid mod or "pay for early access" mod or any other arrangement involving anyone making money off this mod's contents.

That's it. Pretty standard open permission otherwise. Remix it, retexture it, convert it to other body styles, fix my goofy mistakes - go nuts. Actually if you do fix any mistakes and if they're genuinely an improvement I can always update this file.

Anything else?

Nope. Hope you enjoy the armour!